Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Galactus at a Doughnut shop

Galactus sketch in one of the CranBoyz sketchbooks at Heroes con this year. First time drawing Galactus, and I realized that I haven't drawn many of Jack Kirby's designed characters. That stuff looks simple, but man, it's complicated as all get out.

I'll stick to reading about it, heh, I like detail, but his designs are like Escher drawings when I try to duplicate them. Crazy stuff, awesome...but it sure is crazy.

" I want that one...yes the one with Bavarian creme. mmmmmm." 

Thanks to Dave for letting me draw this for him! I need to do a post of all the CranBoyz sketches I've done. Well all of them besides the Ripper I did for Shane. I think I owe you some money for that one man.

Edit:  Ambrose sent me this pic of Galatus' version of Krispy Kreme.

Galactus' new title : "The Devourer of Large round worlds, especially those with a hole in the middle, perfect for dunking in the Milky Way."


  1. HaHa, Popa has his own specific views on GI Joe, no doubt! But I have a much healthier respect for Wild Weasel because of him!

    And Dave was very happy with his Galactus sketch! Love that you included the Surfer!

  2. whoops, yeah This was for Dave not Popa! Dave you rock, I take back what I said about Popa. Except the GI Joe part, I still mean that. heh

  3. I know at cons that I don't always shave, that doesn't mean you have to think that I'm Dave.

  4. For some reason when I think of cons and doing sketches your face must be burned in my brain. I dont know how to handle that honestly. In fact it's really starting to bother me.

    What drawings have I done for you btw, Im trying to compile a CranBoyz list. I did a Cottonmouth I think, were there any others?

  5. What are CranBoyz?

  6. You can read all about it here:


    and Shane might pop in and educate you about it!

  7. The Cranboyz are a bunch of friends who travel to comic book shows and collect sketches from the artists. We have been doing it for awhile and different members make it to different shows, so we named ourselves the Cranboyz (after our comic book store, Land of Cran Comics) so people knew we were all together!

    Robert has done a "few" sketches for our group!


  8. I know the past can be hard to grasp
    But along with Cottonmouth, you also drew me Asp