Sunday, June 19, 2011

Go Green Machine!

For Green Lantern weekend I thought I'd post about the only GL pieces I've ever done. A few people have seen this already, but what better time to spotlight it, eh?.

I got in to DC comics later than Marvel. X-Men got me into comics, then later Avengers as well. But it wasn't until Geoff Johns' run on Green Lantern that I started collecting DC comics with any regularity. So ole' GL is my gateway into every thing DC.

Anyone that has enjoyed the movie and wants to read more about the character, should read the Secret Origins trade that came out a few years ago. Written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Ivan Reis. If you enjoy that, go back and start with Green Lantern: Rebirth and then continue on with the relaunched GL #1. It will give you about 5-6 years worth of awesome Green Lantern stories that have kept me hooked on the character and introduce you to all kinds of other DC characters!


  1. If you want to read more Hal Jordan, track Down Green lanter Emeral Dawn! It's the original Year One story, so great!


  2. Did you see the movie, Robert? I thought it was fantastic. I've read a bunch of bad reviews and I thin kI must have seen the Bizarro version because it was exactly what I had hoped for and more! If you were thinking about taking your son, please note that I remember a few bad words near the beginning of the movie. I'm not sure why they had to put that in but it did seem odd to me as the rest of the movie I don't recall any foul words....