Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My personal Point of View...

Im always intriqued to see other artist's workspace. So I thought I'd pull back the curtain and show you what my office looks like.

 Growing up my Mom would get the urge to rearrange the whole house every 6 months or so. That might be an exaggeration....but at least for us moving the furniture around, it sure fealt like it.
Some of that probably rubbed off on me, because this studio space has had a face lift quite a few times already.

In fact these pictures came about because I had just cleaned my studio, and I wanted to document the fact that I can actually keep a "de-cluttered" space. I understand that with all the junk I have surrounding me....(and by junk I mean awesome toys).... de-cluttered is a relative term. Still, this is about as good as it gets and I thought some photos were in order.

My bookshelves on either side of the door as you come in. Hanging on the door is my Joe bag with all my Convention Badges from the last couple years. To the left of the book shelves is the Science Dog sketch Ryan Ottley did for me! My DC Universe toys. Loads of Marvel trades. 
On the right bookshelf some of my Joe toys. On top is the 2010  GI JOE Convention sign I stole off the wall on the last day of the con . I was with my friend Shane (he works at the Sheriff's Dept)  and as I showed him the swiped sign I got a disapproving look.  Until I showed him the extra one I swiped for him too. Then he said, "well....its not like they are using them anymore, it says 2010 on it."

Because seriously...who doesn't need a life size bust of SnakeEyes?

If you walk in and look to the right in my studio, this is what you see. Reference books surround me. Couch for visitors and naps. Tie fighters for awesomeness. Framed Superman II boardgame that we used to play as kids! White board on the wall to keep track of projects. Black carpet so my wife doesnt know how much ink I spill.

This is the clutter corner. I need to go through all the junk on the shelves. On the shelf though is my anatomy skull with all the muscles of the face sculpted with clay on the surface to help me understand facial structure and expression. 3 big windows for plenty of light. If you are standing here, there is a sky light right above you. I forgot to take a picture of that. FYI this AT-AT walker is exactly the same size as my dog.  Bonus!

This is right behind me. I wanted an Optimus Prime in both Robot mode and Truck mode so I didnt have to figure out how he transforms. Robert = Lazy

 My Point of View. When I look up from my table I can see my computer on the opposite wall. iPad on my desk for finding quick reference and access to my music and audio books. Mirror for facial expressions and hand reference. A grided cutting mat on my table keeps me from having to use a T-Square and I use the grid for perspective reference points when they are off the page. Old cigar box to the left is perfect for holding my pencils.

My microphone for podcasting (search Darkhan City Times on iTunes to check it out!)
Captain America and SnakeEyes, two of my favorite characters!
My Ninja Turtle shelf. Just to the right of my computer. On the shelf below is a row of varying colors of Hiss tanks...and a mini fridge. 

Alright, enough goofing off....time to get serious and back to work.


  1. Love the decor Robert! So cool! My favorite is the Tutrles set-up! Don't you have more Sideshow Joes?

    And are you familiar with the phrase "Throwing your buddy under the bus?" Sheesh! =)


  2. I just have the Storm Shadow SideShow. I would love to get the other 2 turtles statues to complete the set, but they are just crazy expensive, and I got these two on a trade.

    and it's not a bus, its called the "Party Wagon" I thought you knew about the Turtles?....what's this bus you speak of?

  3. Hey I'm in!

    I want more Sideshow but haven't been able to afford them, not realistically! Your entire collection is very cool and impressive, great stuff.

    And no, I'm not talking about the Party Wagon (my brother had that. It shot Pizzas!)!

  4. Whoa dude!! That's more like a toy shop than an office, and it's mind-blowing!! I get how easily those figures may clutter your room, but having them around can be a sort of motivation!