Thursday, June 30, 2011

Teen Titans GO!

One of the cool things about attending so many conventions is that I get to see the same people more than once.  Sometimes it's the same con year after year and we get the chance to catch up, even more rare is the con junkie that will hit 3 or 4 major cons in one year. Those of us who set up in Artist Alley at the cons start to recognize the regulars. 

One said regular is Jeff Streeter. Good guy and fun to talk to. He first got a sketch from me in San Diego. This DeathStroke. If I remember correctly since he had a sketchbook I bumped him up the list at the last minute and in fact, I wasn't able to finish a few sketches because I spent so much time on this one. heh. He didn't mind at least. I had never seen this costume version of him and this was the first time I had ever drawn DeathStroke before.

Next I met him in NY (I know across the country, so you know he means business!) and I recognized his face immediately. He came over and because he was a repeat customer I bumped him up the list again. There were sooooo many that I didn't get to in NY that were pre-order sketches. So I kind of felt bad about doing it, but man Jeff just has this likeable mug and I couldn't say "no" to this guy.

So he requested this Arsenal. It was the first Arsenal that I've ever drawn, but while I like the character again this wasn't my favorite costume. Still fun though, I liked doing the cybernetic arm.

Again, I meet Jeff at the Chicago C2E2 convention this last spring. Turns out, repeat customers for sketches can either be considered stalkers for following you around the country or just become good friends. It's all just how you look at it. I choose good friend because the alternative is scarier. 

So to follow a Teen Titans theme Jeff had me draw this Robin, in this now familiar sketchbook. I've just realized I have done more finished drawings in his sketchbook than in my own in the past year... 
Again first time drawing Robin, but this is a costume I actually really liked. So very fun to do considering Robin and Nightwing are two of my favorite DC characters.

The only sad note to this story is that I saw Jeff again earlier this month at Heroes con in Charlotte. He had his sketchbook in hand and a glistening hopeful look in his eye. But alas, I wasn't able to get to his sketch by the end of the show. We left the show a day early and I had a limited amount of sketches I could squeeze in. I didn't want to rush it, and the only other option is an unfinished sketch and a promise that I will finish it someday. 
(*Shane knows all about that*)

So thanks Jeff, for sticking with me and being a familiar and friendly face at all these shows. I'm sure I will see you again. Probably in NY this Oct. and chances are you'll get the unfair bump up the list because I feel bad about Charlotte. 

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  1. I met Jeff at Heroes this year! Super nice guy and a great collection of Titans art!

    And you always come through Robert, just sometimes at your own pace! =)