Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Whachu talkin' bout Snake Eyes?

I can't say enough how much fun I've had drawing Snake Eyes recently for the IDW book. He was a favorite character of mine since I was about 4 or 5. I got into GI Joe because of the cartoon, so that silent ninja was right up my alley.

Over a year ago Chuck Dixon and I proposed a Snake Eyes solo book, and they let me in on a plotting meeting or two. A first for me, and it was fun seeing that process happen where books are started and created from the ground up.

Well finally it's here, last month Snake Eyes #1 came out, and TODAY Snake Eyes #2 should hit shelves at your local shop! These last two issues have been some of my proudest work to date. Quite honestly it has a lot to do with the great creative team I'm working with on the book.

Juan Castro is inking and Simon Gough is the colorist on the title. Both are fairly new to the industry, and they just hit the ground running. They've been so open to collaboration and each of us commenting and encouraging each other through the process.

Every page that gets turned in we copy our editors, the writer (Chuck), penciler, inker, and colorist with every step of the process. I've never had the chance to work so closely with a whole team of people devoted to making the best book we could.

Here is a sample of the process that has gone into Snake Eyes.

Juan Castro Inks:
Simon Gough Colors:

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  1. Awesome. Snake Eyes was always my favorite too!