Monday, June 20, 2011

Wishful thinking part deux...

It's Marvel time folks! Don't get me wrong, I love DC characters (as anyone who has seen my son's and my own action figure collection can attest).

However; Marvel characters got me into comics, I've grown up with these characters. The first comic I ever picked up was an X-Men book from back when they were thought dead and living in Australia. Wolverine went by "Patch", and I didn't know what the heck was going on! My next book was an Iron man issue where the bad guys (3 no name grunts in black body suits with their number on their chest) were going through a gauntlet of trials and finally a death match to determine who was the strongest to face Iron Man. The other side plot while this was happening had Iron Man taking out a Santa Claus impersonator who went crazy at a mall.


But I was an impressionable youth and man, I soaked that right up!
I would deliver papers on our paper route, then stop by the Huck's corner store and look through their magazine rack comics.

I really do love Marvel comics and luckily I've had the chance to work with them doing fill in work inbetween GI Joe projects. I've been able to work on Amazing Spider-man, Ult. Fantastic Four, X-Men Forever and Heroes for Hire, She-Hulk and a few side projects.

Here is where the theme of the blog comes in. Down the wishful thinking road, and if I had the opportunity to work on a mini series or ongoing title at Marvel, which characters would I love to take a crack at?

1. X-Men- of course! Now there are literally dozens of X-Men related books. So if Im being picky in my own little dream here, it would be a team consisting of Cyclops, Beast, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Storm and probably Wolverine. I know thats a pretty "Giant-Sized" group, but I can't help that they are my favorites. (It kills me that I wouldn't draw a team with about 30 characters on it. There are too many that I like)


2. Avengers- I say this because there are too many "solo" characters that I would want to draw, and this  allows me to hit most of the bases. One of my favorite Marvel collections is Avengers Forever by Kurt Busiek and Carlos Pacheco. It's not the quickest read, but it is so steeped in Marvel history and is packed with literally hundreds of Avengers. I would really get into drawing Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow and Hawkeye especially. If Stingray showed up....I could put up with it.

StingRay...I swear he's an Avenger.

3. Captain America-  Steve Rogers: He is one of the last "good" guy heroes. His old school values and moral code is something I appreciate in a day where that can sometimes be mocked or considered naive. Im glad it's Steve Rogers getting back into his old costume and filling that position as the embodiment of what America should stand for.  (however I do suck at drawing stars, I don't know what it is, but it takes me forever to draw stars. You can see here how I cleverly cover up most of them!)

4. DareDevil- Matt Murdock:  I've always enjoyed the street level characters that pursue being a hero because of that call of duty and responsibility to protect others. It seems that much more dangerous and real when they do it with little or no powers. True DD has a radar sense that helps him get around, but only somewhat compensates for the fact that he's blind. Plus I love ninjas, and this book is typically packed with 'em! It was Quesada's run on the book that got me hooked, then I've since gone back and read loads of back issues and collected trades.  DD rocks.

Well thats it for part deux.... next up Licensed Properties! Woot!


  1. It's funny how many of your favorite story arcs are mine too, even though I have been reading just a little longer than you!

    Avengers Forever is absolutely amazing! And I will vouch that Stingray is an Avenger, although I'm not sure how you know that!

    And Austrailian Outback X-Men is at the top of the list, always!

    And I Love the shot of Cap taking the hit to the Shield!!


  2. Some one asked for that Sting Ray commission at SDCC last year and I had no idea who the character was. I bought some Avengers trades, came home and the first story I read was spotlighting Sting Ray as a reserve Avenger. lol.

    I didnt get full on into comics until late elem. school and middle school. Then got back into it in college. I've since read a lot back into continuity. I've gotten a little crazy collecting trades to read.

  3. It's good to collect lots and lots of trades!!!


  4. The hulk would be intriqueing. I do like the Hulk, but he wasn't a childhood passion and I haven't found a creative team that has pulled me in. I did like planet Hulk quite a bit.

    Any recommendations of trades that are must have Hulk books. If Dale Keown took over on Hulk again I would buy it in a second, and if there was a writer who could tap into exactly why the Hulk is cool for 12 issues. I would be hooked. Thats what happened for me on Thor and Iron man. I read a solid run and have kept with it since.

  5. I must admit that my first comics were Marvel as well. I very first comic I remember 'owning' was GI Joe #17, with Major Bludd hanging off a bus, taking it hostage a la Dirty Harry! It was downhill from there: The 'Nam, Spider-man, Avengers, etc. Of course, when I grew up, I moved over to DC :P Nah, up until about a year ago, I got plenty from both companies.

  6. I can imagine getting really hooked on DC books if I had the right entry point on stories. Im planning on giving it a try with the new relaunch. THere seems to be some awesome creative teams that I would follow.