Friday, June 17, 2011

Wishful Thinking...

One of the cool things about doing commissions, sketches, or side projects is that I get a chance to get a feel for a variety of characters. Sometimes it's a character I like anyway, and I'm excited to draw them. Then sometimes, I might not be as familiar with that character, but it seems to come naturally.

To start off, DC Comics Characters that I would love to draw for a book:

Deathstroke- Slade:
The only chance I've had to draw him was for the DC Universe Online game, which this art is from. I typically like to draw characters that have a practicality to their costume/uniform. Deathstroke's costume is fantastic and loads of fun to draw. I would enjoy drawing all the detail of the various weapons and chain mail portions of his costume. Plus I can imagine his fighting scenes would fantastic to choreograph on the page.
Next up Nightwing- Dick Grayson:

I have an affinity for the street level characters. They are typically more relatable to us as readers. Nightwing especially for me. I enjoy Batman as a character, but he's pretty flawless when it comes to being a super hero. Nightwing on the other hand was always in a process of learning, growing and comparing himself to Batman as an example. Turns out, Im not perfect either, so I generally related to Nightwing more.

I've always loved his black costume with the blue bird symbol across his chest. I really like the simplicity of it and could get into playing with having him move in and out of the shadows with it. Again his fighting style is very gymnastic, and I like drawing more graceful fighters.

Plus he patrols the city, and anyone who knows me... knows I like drawing me some buildings.

Green Arrow- Ollie Queen: For many of the same reasons of the previous two; weapons, practical and cool looking costume, street level, dynamic fighter, etc. But I would really find the bow and arrow to be a fun challenge. When I approach new characters, especially those who have a distinct prop I like to try it out a bit myself. For GI JOE I picked up a number of airsoft guns and ninja swords to heft and hold for myself. I would find it fun to do some research and shoot a bow, get a feel for the hand gestures and think through his fighting style.

And when it comes down to it, I really enjoy Ollie's character. I love how he ruffles the other hero's feathers and fights against the "Man". When in fact he is in a political and financial position to be the "Man". Good stuff

Next Wishful Thinking...... Marvel. Nuff said!

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