Sunday, July 31, 2011

All good things come to an end...

All right for the last 6 days I've been talking up this big reveal, so before I go on and on...

Thundercats Finale - 025

Click on Image for Larger View!

I hatched this plan a week or two ago, that I could do a thumbnail sketch of a potential Thundercats cover. All the cats in their cool poses and Mumm-ra all ominous above. Then take each Cat and draw out their figure as a separate sketch for my daily sketches. Then combine them together for the final cover.

Luckily Mark Roberts was on hand to color these up for me as we went along each day.
I've had a blast getting these in as Mark would finish them for me. Everyone, Please take a moment to check out his Deviant art site and see what he has been working on! Fantastic work, I can't thank him enough!

Today isn't a regular sketch, but I'm counting the time it took to compile this all. The feedback I've gotten on my art sales is that they might like the drawings I do, even the character a lot but don't want to pay so much for the original. That's cool, and so it's why I'm offering these colored versions as prints.

Email me with the subject "the character's name" or "Thundercats" for the group shot
All Prints are 11x17 Inches
 The Group print is $15, Shipping is $5
The single character prints are $10
(Flat Rate shipping, however many you get)

I was chatting with my wife and had realized how much fun I've had this week. I love my job, but I've rarely had the chance to draw something for me, just for the fun of it without someone needing the art for a deadline. I forgot how cool that can be, and satisfying. It's what I had hoped doing this sketch challenge would become for me, so I'm glad it seems to be working that way. My other goal for doing the challenge would be just that, to challenge myself. Each day I get my script, I read it, visualize it and then pencil it out. Page after page. I had gotten into a rut of the same process, the same materials the same approach to art. Im hoping to expand that and experiment with this challenge. It's going to be baby steps at first, simply because that's what I'm used to. But I hope by the end of this I've gotten better, faster and have a wider range with my art.

One Month down, 11 more to go....whew.


  1. SO Awesome Robert.... glad to see you're using your talent for more than just your daily bread...

  2. I'm going to be getting all of these character prints - they're amazing!

    I'd love to see you do the same thing with GI Joe... And all my other childhood memories :)

  3. Epic. Very Very epic! You SO should post these on PH. We had an 80s Carton theme the other month (the problem is that these BLOW my Thundercats piece away - le sigh).

  4. Now THAT was worth the wait. Well done you!

  5. yeah, i will post these over at PH as well. I would love to do this with all the GI JOE guys. atleast maybe the top 15 or so. But there are just SOOOOO many characters. I will be doing a He-Man, TMNT, GI JOE, Cobra, and Transformers theme weeks throughout the year. I think I will do the same thing I did here so I can have a finished piece at the end.

    I have other cool properties but just not a full week of it. with Silverhawks, Bravestar, Robotech and such, but not enough days to make a week of it.

    I have a whole month devoted each to X-Men, Street fighter and Star Wars. A huge surprise and interactive thing will be going down with Street Fighter, but more about that as we get closer.

  6. That is just amazing, Robert. I think I'll have to email you to get those prints. Absolutely blown away!!