Friday, July 29, 2011

Ancient Spirits of Evil!!!

Of all the cartoon bad guys of the 80's, for me atleast, Mumm-Ra takes the cake! Skeletor, was pretty cruel, Megatron was classically arrogant, Cobra Commander couldn't say retreat fast enough though he had good plans, the one thing these guys all had in common was that they lost EVERY week. Mumm-Ra included had a pretty bad track record, seriously I don't know who they were kidding (I guess their minions).

Still what set Mumm-Ra apart was that he had some serious power, and he had the transformation. He went from a powerfully manipulative, old mummy to freakin' Mumm-Ra the ever living!  That was one of the best animated sequences of the 80's seeing him go from the weak old fogey to that Bad dude!

I always like the good guys best, but Mumm-Ra was pretty cool to watch. I gotta give him that.

Thundercats- Mumm-Ra - 023

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*quick side note the new Thundercats cartoon WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more on that later.

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