Friday, July 8, 2011

The day after yesterday...

That sounds so ominous...but it's basically just common sense. Still I wanted to take the time to say THANKS to all those that came by my blog yesterday! Many of you posted comments here and on facebook wishing me a happy birthday, and I really do appreciate it. I had a great day that I got to spend with my family and even got some work done late.

I dont have too many of these, but instead of a quick warm up yesterday I finished inking a commission. Snake Eyes is on my list of characters, so officially this counts. Though I will probably draw him again fighting someone else during GI JOE week, or the ever elusive Ninja week.

Lets take a minute and digest that....

I will be devoting a full week to Ninjas in the upcoming year. You'll have to keep your eyes peeled though, they have a tendency for sneekiness.

This commission was for Travis Ellisor, a guy who contacted me online a while back and has an ongoing theme of the Legion of Superheroes character "Karate Kid" VS.... other characters. He tries to find artists whom he likes how they do whatever character they may be known for. Snake Eyes in my case, and I was very flattered to become part of his elite collection.

Karate Kid Vs. Snake Eyes - 002

You can find his gallery of Karate Kid's here!

Also as a heads up. I will either post a new sketch of the day during the 12 am-3am time period as I finish up my work day, or in the afternoon when I start my work day. So it may seem scattered a bit, but that's my life. It also may seem that new posts come quickly, if for instance I also posted tonight after midnight for tomorrows sketch. Then again it might seem like they can be far apart if I posted tonight around midnight, but didn't post again until the afternoon on Sun.

One final addendum or notice on the rules. I generally avoid working on Sunday as a matter of principle, get time with my family and focus on church. If I do a Sunday drawing I will donate those sketches to various charity auctions. I have a few already lined up for the year. Typically I will try and do an extra one on Sat or during the week, to avoid even doing recreational work. Just fyi.

Thanks for all the support you yahoos!

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