Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Harry Potter Week- Dobby

Our 3rd installment of Harry Potter week, the free house elf Dobby. I gotta be honest...Dobby took a while to grow on me. I pretty much hated him in the 2nd book Chamber of Secrets. But sure enough, by the time he met his end (spoiler alert) it was a sad thing to see him go. I think some of my favorite stuff about Dobby is how the other house elves at Hogwarts treated him as a weirdo. But I liked his character that he wanted to be his own way and wasn't ashamed of it.

So here ya go, simple lines with spot blacks. Then with a little marker rendering over it. I had this just as a pencil sketch at first and was going to keep it that way, but put about 15-20 min. more into it. I have a hard time leaving something alone that feels unfinished. That's something I will have to get over eventually with these daily sketches.

Harry Potter Week - Dobby -007

As a side note- I wish I had a more appropriate character for the "007" sketch. As cool as Dobby became, Im pretty sure he isn't as cool as James Bond. I win the poor planning award!

9x12 Ink on Bristol Board.
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  1. Awesome! I think you captured him really well!

    I did Kreacher last night :P