Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter Week- Lucius Malfoy

I've always really liked the Lucius Malfoy character as played in the movies. Jason Isaacs is the actor that plays the role, and man does he make a great bad guy! Again, once I saw him act as Malfoy, from then on I heard his voice as the character in the book and would picture him that way.

My sketch today is more of a charicature of Malfoy. Just a quick sketch, and if I had a chance to do a full commission on this some day I can see exactly how I would do it in my head. But my time constraints didnt allow me the chance now.

Still I think it's neat to play around with these characters and them not have to be an exact depiction of the movie actors versions.

Harry Potter Week - Lucius Malfoy - 008

Original Art for Sale - $30
9x12 Ink on Bristol Board.
To Purchase, email subject "Malfoy" to


  1. That is gorgeous! Splendidly clean lines! Great use of open form.

  2. I love all of these Harry Potter sketches. What great fun right before the last movie.