Monday, July 11, 2011

Harry Potter Week- MadEye Moody

Alright folks, to kick off a countdown to the final movie, this week will be a Harry Potter themed sketch-a-thon!

I was a little late to the game reading the Harry Potter books. I started with book 4, The Goblet of Fire.  I read that book with my wife, and since then as each book came out we would read it aloud together taking turns on chapters until the book was done. Often while I was working or just in the evenings before we went to bed. So I kind of jumped around a bit, reading book 4, and then going back and reading books 1-3. That might be a big part of why book #4 was one of my favorites, and also why I like the MadEye Moody character so much.

I was always a little sad to think we never got to spend much time in the books getting to know the "real" MadEye, but he was still an interesting contrast to the rest of the Order.

With these sketches Im trying a variety of styles and Im trying to keep them down to only 30 min. for these first few. I might take longer on the characters later on in the week.

Harry Potter Week- MadEye Moody- 005

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