Monday, July 18, 2011

If I hear the word "BerryFest" one more time...

So now for something completely different, heh.  Along with taking in nearly 500 character suggestions from people online and a few local friends, my wife encouraged me to make sure my two kids had a say in who I would draw.

We'll start with my almost 3 year old daughter. I streamed one of the newer Strawberry Shortcake movies on Netflix and after that, man was she hooked. Of course when I asked her what she would like, good ole' Strawberry Shortcake was her only choice.

Too bad I asked her a little over a month ago. Since then if she wants to hang out in my studio I put in old He-Man cartoons and now she just runs around the house yelling, "By the POWER of GRAYSKULL! I HAVE THE POWER!"

Amazing how much awesome can happen in a matter of a month. Still I think she'll like this sketch I did, and we'll frame it up for her room. Later on in the year when I draw He-man I might set one aside for her then too! Daddy's little girl and all.

Strawberry Shortcake - 012

To chat about the sketch real quick. I learned about the concept of "drawing on model", or drawing like someone else for animation or licenced properties, in school. I've only had to do it professionally on a few projects. Obviously this isn't my normal style of drawing or typical subject matter. But it's a valuable asset to show you can do when looking for work. Mostly this was a chance to break out my markers and start organizing them and getting used to them again. This was should have been quicker for me, but I spent most of the time finding what marker I wanted to use. I think this should speed up down the road. This sketch took me about 60 min. but I easily spent 30-40 min. just going through markers. 

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  1. Your daughter's bound to love it! It's a great departure from what we see from about a Purple Pieman? That was the only figure (doll?) I would touch when I had to play with my little sister.