Saturday, July 9, 2011

"It's like Shakespeare, but with lots more punching"...

Oh how I have been waiting to draw these characters! I absolutely love Nextwave. Written by Warren Ellis and drawn by Stuart Immonem, this book was a new kind of superhero book for me. So absurdly funny, and the visual story telling kept me hooked all the way through.

It's 12 issues of pure awesome. If you haven't read Nextwave, please do your self a favor and pick it up. I had penciled this out in about 30 min. but I couldn't leave it there. I wanted to see it look more finished. Im going to have to get over that compulsion though if I have any hope of staying on track with quick sketches. But I was interested in working with little to no rendering and leaving the figures open or more cartoonish. I've always been impressed with Immonem's ability to change his style completely with any project. It was a fun experiment to mimic the style and it helped show me where I could loosen up a bit in places myself.

I had the idea for the composition immediately. Spoofing  the classic Charlie's Angels pose seemed like a given. If I had time to color this up I would give it a total 70's feel.

Quick side note: this was also a theme for the group sketchblog Im a part of called Periodic Heroes.
You can check that out here!

Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. - 003
Original art for sale - $60
9x12 Ink on Bristol Board.
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  1. Very awesome, Robert. I love the fact that you tried a different style just to see if you could do it. I would say, you pulled it off nicely. I could be totally off here, but for me, it has some style similarity to what I am seeing in the Young Justice comic being done by Mike Norton. Just a little bit. Certainly a bit more detailed than that. I'm not the best at saying when one artist's style in a sketch is similar to another comic artist's style, so I could be totally off. I just can't believe you did that in 30 minutes. That is awesome. I am very excited about the rest of the year after seeing the last few days.

  2. Its mostly just simplifying my textures and how I treat the black areas. I keep my proportions the same. It just looks cartoonier because Im using less lines to define everything.

    It looks like Immonen because I wouldnt normally render figures this way. i.e. The black girl flying, Monica's hair I wouldnt normally draw hair this way. Because I did it like she is drawn in the book, Im applying Immonen's style here.

    It took 30 min to pencil it in loosely and about 40 min to ink it. It was just a lot of characters, heh.

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  4. If there was a petition or bloodbank that I could be a part of that would convince Ellis and Immonen to do more Nextwave I'd have cramped hands and dry veins. I got super excited to see this as a topic. Fun treatment, its also really good to see you loosen up and enjoy these. Keep it Bro! You inspire me...cough...

  5. I like this simpler clear line stuff! Youre regular stuff is great too, but its always fun seeing different styles as well!