Saturday, July 2, 2011

Side by Side...

At conventions there is a growing trend in sketch collecting. Publishers will print new titles with a blank cover, which allows artists to draw and make a custom cover to the book. I've probably drawn on 30-40 of these at least. At first I despised it because the cover stock was very difficult to draw on, and if you inked it, often your drawing would smear. Over the last couple of years, the cover paper has refined and become much more artist friendly. 
Also, I've very rarely drawn any cover recreations. Actually just one before this, and it was an exact recreation. I generally prefer not to, it's not that I have an overwhelming objection to it, but I just have an appreciation for the original. I don't even feel I can add anything to that, so what is the point. 

In this case someone asked me specifically to recreate the cover to GI Joe #46. I loved this cover ever since I had seen it. Knowing Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow's history and seeing them together, with all the anticipation of what might happen in the book. Simply an outstanding cover by Mike Zeck. 

As a fan, I thought it would be fun to pay homage to this classic image. I wasn't intending to go line for line on this. In fact I drew most of it from memory in the hotel room of a couple of buddies at SuperShow last Spring. When I place them side by side you can see all the difference, but I think it was fun to do in my style.


  1. wow this is awesome.. that is amazing that you created most of it from memory. I love how you changed the hood eye cut out for storm shadow... very cool stuff, def a great addition to the original. Great stuff sir! Keep up the awesome work, love it

  2. lol yeah I think what ever changes weren't intentional due to not having the exact reference there next to me. In fact I freaked out a little in the hotel room because I thought for a second after I was inking it that I was drawing the wrong cover. I just assumed I remembered right, luckily the other guys quickly looked it up for me and I was right. I kept the reference there with me for the rest of it to make sure, but I was pretty close to start with. whew.

    thanks for the comments man, and for following the blog!

  3. I love your blog so much, I just found it yesterday even though I've been following you on deviantART for a while and you're quickly becoming one of my favourite artists AND bloggers.
    Like I have already read every single one of your blogs so far and instead of feeling accomplished and finished when I try to catch up, I just wanted more more more.
    Great cover recreation, cover recreations are becoming a lost art as time goes on.

  4. Thanks for the kind words! I never thought of myself as a blogger. Even these last few weeks. I dont follow many blogs, so Im not really familiar with what defines that status, heh. Thanks though, keep checking in. Im posting daily, and spread the word! Facebook, twitter and deviant plugs help a lot!

  5. Loved that image you did. I was shocked also when you did it all from memory. I remember you being a little unsure when you went to ink it, and the relief when you realized you got it right.

    That cover recreation still amazes me.

  6. The original is quite possibly my favorite Joe cover of all time... So you picked a good one to recreate. Awesome job!