Friday, July 1, 2011

Snakes on a...Frame?

So I won't ever get over how funny it is to see an edited version of "Snakes on a Plane" The movie is still terrible, but it's a priceless moment when you hear the dubbed over Samuel L. Jackson yelling " I'm sick and tired of these Monkey Fighting Snakes on this Monday to Friday Plane!"

In honor of the comic series I'm currently drawing I thought I would throw a few Snake Eyes sketches your way.

On a blank cover to Death of Captain America comic for Marvel

Another sketch on a blank Captain America book.

Before the fight...

During the fight...
and after the fight. 

All cover sketches for Issue #17 (above)

Commission for someone that became the cover to #9 of GI JOE for IDW

If Snake Eyes were drawn during the renaissance. 

Daily warm up sketches, sometime SE will pop up.

Promo piece for the Graham Crackers Comics stores in Chicago, IL

This bad boy started it all! Issue #0 GI JOE  for IDW

I had to make sure I kept all his gear straight, so I took the initiative to do turnarounds early on.
This is still one of the favorite prints I sell at shows. 

This was the first drawing I did for IDW. I turned in this character design along with 5 others and got the job.

I told you I did a ton of Snake Eyes drawings. These are just a few of him alone, I dont have scans of nearly all the sketches I've done at conventions. Still, I never get tired of drawing this dude.


  1. I'm glad you don't get tired of drawing him. I really enjoy the look you give him. Classic, well known visual with just enough modern elements/retouches. Excellent work

  2. You can never have enough of Snakes! I love the pieces with Cap's shield. Have you ever drawn him in his "version 1" (commando) gear? Still personally like to think of him that way more than the ninja thing (which is still cool).

    By the way, I'm also still pushing for you to sketch him in the Boy George outfit from "Pyramid of Darkness."