Thursday, July 7, 2011

WTFun it's my Birthday!

Wheeeee, so to get this started right, Today July 7th 2011, will mark day 1 in this year long sketch challenge.

Rules of the sketch challenge:

  • I have compiled a list of 366 characters ("Robert", you exclaim ,"Don't you know there are only 365 days in a year!?" and to that I say "It's Leap Year, so in your face!") 
  • All the names on the list have been suggested by someone else. While I did narrow it down from the near 500 characters I was given. (with Matt's help, thanks Matt you rock)
  • Each daily warm up sketch will be timed and take 30-60-or 90 min. After which the timer goes off and Im done. On to the rest of my day's work.
  • These daily sketches will be made available to purchase if you are interested. Simply email me with the name of the character in the subject line.  i.e "Jolly Green Giant sketch" sent to 
  • At the end of the day I will pick an email at random, if there is more than one, and email you to notify you that the sketch is available to purchase. 
  • The price of the sketch will be the same amount in $ as the time I spend on the sketch. This is a flat rate, that will not change throughout the year. A 30 min. sketch will be available to purchase for $30 and so on. Simply add $6 for shipping and handling, and it will be mailed off asap.
  • I will not be taking commissions this year, the only other way to get a sketch or commission from me will be to watch the blog for the characters you might be interested in. 
  • Once a sketch is sold, I will edit the blog to make it known. 

Alright, so to commemorate the challenge I start the day with the one and only ...

Captain America- 001
(60 Min)

9x12 Ink on Bristol Board With Marker.
To Purchase, email subject "Captain America" to


  1. I love this. Not just the sketch but the whole years worth of sketches deal. Will you post a list of the 366 characters? And if you miss a day or two will you post 2 sketches the next day? C'mon deep is your commitment? ;)

  2. And so it begins....and you start off pretty good, that's a great Cap. Looking forward to checking in each day to see what you draw. Going to have to reign myself in or I'll wind up buying to much :P

  3. Happy Birthday!
    Cap looks like he's about to lay down the smack down!

  4. Happy Birthday Robert!!
    Best of luck with the TIMED Sketch Challenge! I'm sure Mr. Hama will be proud of you! (The timed part wasn't his idea, was it?)

    And I'm really looking forward to the Golly Green Giant sketch!


  5. Happy birthday Robert, you are Awesomesauce.

  6. Happy Birthday, Robert!! That Cap looks amazing!!

  7. Beautiful piece! I love Cap's armor scales. I'll check in daily to see what you've done. Can't wait to see Daredevil, The Thing and The Rocketeer (if you have plans for these characters somewhere in the 366).

  8. Happy Birthday Robert!!!
    Love the Captain America!!!! Red,White, and Blue Baby!!!!
    Chuck, StarJoes

  9. Nicely done! Both the framing device and the negative space work really well. Cap, on the other hand... =P Happy Birthday Robert!!

  10. Awesome :D

    Are you going to post the special weeks and months you have planned?

  11. Hey Robert GREAT WORK once again! Tony and I just went and saw the movie in 3D yesterday! Can I purchase a copy of that?!? Please! :)

    Megan Drake