Saturday, August 20, 2011

Anyway you slice it...He's plain crazy

Professor Zoom, or otherwise known as "Reverse Flash" is today's subject for the sketch challenge. Another interesting side effect of this challenge is that I've learned more about some characters that I hadn't been as familiar with before.  This Flash villian being one of them. I looked him up on the old wikipedia and man, this dude is just crazy. No matter what time period he's from, or whatever his origin has been (it's changed multiple times) he ends up being bent on ruining the Flash's personal life.

Of all the DC superheroes for me it's a toss up between Batman and Flash as to who has the best Rogues Gallery of bad guys.

For this sketch, I just kept it pencilled. I've inked a lot of my recent sketches and was in a penciling groove.

Reverse Flash - 045

9x12 Pencil on Bristol Board.
To Purchase, email subject "Zoom" to

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  1. Reverse Flash is Such a bad guy! And nuts too! Great job capturing the evilness in his face!