Sunday, August 14, 2011

Atomic ROBO! Part deux

Last day of the show, Im finally back home in my comfy studio. This was a commission sketch I did at the show today. It was fun talking to people about my blog, and those that have been following it. I'm seriously amazed at the Atomic Robo response from the sketch I did a few days ago. At the show, someone mentioned it and asked for an Atomic Robo vs. Dr. Dinosaur sketch.

Dr. Dinosaur is an outstanding villian in the Robo books. Again, please take the chance to get these books and read through them. Simply great stuff.

Atomic Robo vs. Dr. Dinosaur - 039

Original Art- WWCC Commission
11x17 Inked on Bristol Board

I think in general I will temporarily post pone my suggested list during future conventions. I will still post daily sketches. And whenever possible it will be characters on my list. Now that I'm back I will do a few days of robots to finish up my Robot week.

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