Monday, August 8, 2011

Come with me if you want to live....

Alrighty folks, another week, another theme.  Robots of course! And man alive are there some awesome robots out there. This whole week will be devoted to the great robots that are scattered across movies, cartoons and comics. There are sooooo many that were suggested it definitely needed it's own week. Still, there are some robots that have a little cross over, so I will be drawing some obvious choices for robot week at other times throughout the year instead. For example, I have a whole week devoted to Transformers down the road. SO it would be silly to put Optimus Prime in this week. The B.A.T. from GI JOE's nemisis can have his own place during Cobra Week later in the year. Etc....

The choices I included for Robot week were the cream of the crop in my opinion that couldnt fall into the themes of other established theme weeks this year.

As Matt and I were working through this list, and had thought to do a robot week, we quickly realized that many of the suggestions were cyborgs. Enough of them infact that we have a week set aside as CYBORG Week later as well. Previously obvious robot choices, like RoboCop and Borgs from Star Trek, were quickly thrown out the window for Robot week.

Then we sat back and realized we were having a ridiculous conversation.....

On my list of character suggestions was Arnold Schwarzenegger. Just that... Arnold Schwarzenegger.

That's when we thought to use him specifically in his role as the T-800 from Terminator movies. That meant for this sketch to be faithful to my sketch list, and be an obvious participant in Robot week I had to find a way to include both forms of the terminator on one page without him looking like a cyborg (see previous ridiculous paragraph)  Therefore, here you go! This took just a little bit more than an hour. I learned a lot from doing this sketch.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator - 033

9x12 Ink and Marker on Bristol Board.
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  1. Great take on the T-800! And thanks for posting your actual ramblings about theme weeks, Very Entertaining! Looking forward to seeing who else shows up for Robot Week! Maybe an Astromech and Protocol Droid...?