Saturday, August 27, 2011

He's just too cool....

Today's sketch for Naruto Week is Sasuke (Sauce-Kay)  Uchiha. For the show, I liked Sasuke's design, I liked that he was so skilled, I liked his backstory and why he pushed himself to become so skilled, and I liked how great his fights were with the Chunin exam.....But man I hate this guy. heh. I've never been a fan of Sasuke. His motivations for leaving the village annoyed me, his too cool attitude distanced himself from me as a viewer, and I dont get why Naruto is so bent on finding him and bringing him back. Sasuke made it clear that he's a total jerk and doesnt want anything to do with his roots. Just take him down or leave him be.

I see why Naruto thinks they are childhood friends, but I never felt Sasuke returned the same amount of friendship. If anything the only reason I can appreciate Sasuke is because he becomes a motivating factor in Naruto wanting to become better. He needs to rise to the skill level Sasuke has demonstrated by always being a step ahead.

Anyway, for the sketch I went with a horizontal view because I saw this Shippuden pose in my head before I started. I wanted to have his sword out to the side to fill that space. Another thing, I really like the visual look of samurai's. I think most comic artists probably do, but this was a fun chance to draw a similar garb. I will be doing a Samurai week later in the year, and Im sure I will get my fill then.

Naruto Week: Sasuke Uchiha - 052

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  1. This is the best one so far for me, but like yourself, i'm not a massive fan of Sassy-Gay hehe! Everyone seems to love him as he's so cool... but since when was an arrogant upstart cool?! And I never understood Naruto's obsession with his one sided rivalry with Sasuke, other than that he was the mark he had to surpass to achieve his Hokage dreams. Nice to see both versions here btw, I ended up liking the character more (albiet only visually) after that initial sight of his new garb in Shippuden, it was too cool to see that Samurai element eventaully drawn into the series. Done both of em justice :D