Friday, August 12, 2011

It's all about the process

Another day at the Wizard World, Chicago Convention. It's an interesting change in the Wizard shows these last couple of years. They are a much different show than even just a couple years ago. They are very celebrity based now to draw the crowd. For instance my sister came up with me to the convention and she spent the end of the evening chatting with Anthony Michael Hall for awhile before we headed home.

Anyway, I didn't get any convention sketch requests today, so I started inking a past due commission that I've needed to get to. It's a pretty labor intensive piece (which is why I haven't been able to get to it yet) but it consists of all the Spiderman villians associated with the symbiote. That would be Venom, Carnage, Anti-Venom and Toxin. I've started Venom and Carnage and I thought as Im working through this I will post my progress.

SpiderMan Villian - Venom and Carnage - 037

Still got a long way to go, but I thought I'd bring you all along with me and you can see how I work through it. 


  1. Sucks to hear you had a dead day. Nothing's worse. Good to know about the WW shows. I've thought about attending.

  2. "I didn't get any convention sketch requests today" WHAAATTTT??!?!?!?!

    I don't understand!

  3. Lots of foot traffic at the show. There are probably many reasons for not getting a long commission list. This show didn't have a high overhead cost for me, so it's been fine. I still found some action figures for my son at some pretty great deals.

    I sold the Green Lantern Daily sketch I did for him, but rejected. heh. So I guess his sketch wasnt a total loss.