Sunday, August 28, 2011

Man, will this guy ever bite it?,,,,

Today wraps up my last sketch for Naruto Week. I gotta say it feels nice to have a theme week actually go smoothly after that Robot week debacle. I got a few things to chat about so lets get this crazy sketch out of the way.

I went with Orochimaru for my last sketch. I hadn't drawn any full on bad guys yet from the show. We had Gaara, who started off kind of like a bad guy, and Sasuke who is well on his way to being one. But of all the main character Orochimaru really takes the cake for being a total jerk. He's one of the 3 famous Sanin ninjas, a ninja with extraordinary ability. He thrives on learning new and especially forbidden Justu, which often give him the edge over those he has fought in the past. Then not only that, he's just crazy to boot.

So here we go, the last sketch of...

Naruto Week: Orochimaru - 053

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Now with the sketch stuff out of the way, I wanted to spotlight a few things.  First off a big HELLO and thank you to my official sponsor of the blog:


You'll find permanent links to both sites there to the left of my blog. I don't take on a sponsor, or recommend them lightly. I've been a customer of this online store for a few years now. It's literally the best way to save money on your comics. A great way to try out new books, and they've got the best Customer Service that I have ever dealt with. I will post a link to the books of the properties I'm sketching when available. Like I have with Naruto this week. 

I appreciate their support, and if you like my work and have an interest in the character I might be sketching for the day, please take the time to look through the books they offer.

Okay, last thing, I promise. Snake Eyes #4 came out this last week, if you haven't been picking up these issues, I've drawn the covers and interior art for issues #1-4. I would even suggest checking out to pick them up if you missed them at the store. Or if you wait, you can get the first trade through  (See how that works)

More than anything I wanted to mention the book to thank Juan Castro and Simon Gough, my inker and colorist on the books. They have done an amazing job, and I am more proud of these books than any I have previously worked on. Outstanding work guys!

Here are some of the penciled pages to preview:

Snake Eye #4 Page 1

Snake Eyes #4 page 2

Snake Eyes #4 Page 21

Snake Eyes #4 page 22

It's been fun doing Naruto this week, it is definitely a change of style and approach to drawing than my normal work. That's a major benefit to the blog so far, I've really had the chance to challenge myself, but also get the enjoyment of drawing things I don't normally get to. 

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