Sunday, August 7, 2011

Masked Crusaders...Workin' Overtime Fightin' Crime!

Okay, seriously. Before you read this post, PLEASE, PLEASE watch this youtube link

....Now that you're back, we can have a serious conversation about what constitutes awesome things in the 80's. I know thats redundant but for those who don't know any better, Mask was flippin' amazing! While I don't think it had the exposure of GI Joe, or Transformers, Mask was a show that took the best of both of those and crammed it all into one rad cartoon. Plus that intro song is about as 80's as a cartoon intro could get.

Anyway, this is just another of many, MANY 80's cartoon properties that I'm going to be doing this year. Apparently we're getting an idea of the age group for those that gave me character suggestions for my challenge. heh.

Matt Trakker M.A.S.K.  - 032

Original Art for Sale - $30 + $6 shipping
9x12 Ink on Bristol Board.
To Purchase, email subject "MASK" to

**Also a quick side note, I want to thank Mark Roberts again for doing this very cool color job on the Space Ghost I posted recently. This is also available as a print for those interested, just email me with "SPACE GHOST PRINT" in the subject line and we can work out the shipping details.  Like the previous prints, and any future prints this will be $10 and $5 flat rate shipping regardless of print count.



  1. Sweet I forgot all about Mask....loved it

  2. See, this is why the 80s cartoons are SO much better than cartoons of today - they were all made to facilitate AWESOME toys! Every good series back then pretty much started with a cool toy. We need more of those...

  3. too true man. Many of them were actually toys first, GI JOE, He Man, Transformers, etc...