Friday, August 26, 2011

OVER the HILL...

It's official I made it 50 sketches in a row....and I almost completely flubbed it up. I'm out of town tonight hanging out with family in Nauvoo. I forgot to bring anything to get this sketch up online for my blog. Luckily I still had my portable scanning wand in my bag from the last convention. Luckily my sister Dereth had a netbook I could hook this into, and luckily our hotel has WiFi. whew. I almost blew it.

On to Naruto, so this is the main cat that the show revolves around. What an awesome character. I like that Naruto isn't the smartest or most talented ninja that is on the show. But he is so determined, and has such a strength of will that he'd succeed no matter what the odds. Also, he is incredibly annoying. So annoying that most characters he comes in contact with hate him almost immediately. But sure enough, everytime, they find a way to connect with him and they end up becoming friends and respecting Naruto. That's a very cool character trait.

Naruto Week: Naruto Uzamaki - 051

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