Saturday, August 6, 2011

Periodically Awesome!

Hey, so believe it or not I'm actually part of another sketch blog. Though I haven't been as dillegently posting over there. Im going to try and start coordinating my sketch schedule to coincide with the weekly theme over at Periodic Heroes

Today's sketch is the start of a Jam piece that we'll be doing together. I think I've had this particular art board for about 5 months now. I know.... I know. sigh.  Phil Sevy ( )
had sketched out a quick layout for us to follow, a chance for all of us to get together on one art piece and pass it around. So I had first crack at it... and took forever. At any rate, it's done now and I can pass it along. But it also counts for my sketch today. The theme of the jam is just any Hero, so Im really hoping we get a great mix of characters. The finished piece will hopefully be spotlighted over at the Periodic Heroes blog, so be sure to check in there to see when it's posted.

I know the pose is a little stiff, I didnt want to take up too much room, and thinking conservatively effected my underdrawing I think. I like how some things on it came out though and this took about 30-45 min. So my drawing is definitely speeding up even on finishing pencils. And thats always a good sign. This drawing would fill up a piece of copy paper if it wasnt on a jam piece waiting to get filled in.

Thor - Periodic Heroes Sketch Jam- 031

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  1. Dangit... none of us can even come close to that level of awesome... I'm tempted to color is and put up the PH banner and just call it good. Ha!