Monday, August 29, 2011

Red vs. Blue

 Coming up on the new relaunch of the DC universe this Wednesday. Along with the selected relaunched titles will be Nightwing. Though with a slightly redesigned costume.

Super quick rundown on Who Nightwing is... Batman's old side kick, you remember him, Robin the Boy Wonder. Well, he grew up and became a hero in his own right.  Now he patrols the streets as Nightwing while Batman took on a replacement Robin, and then another, and then another. Still after all that, Nightwing is remains good ole' Dick Grayson that we knew and loved from the "Wham Pow" days.

Since his redesign in the 90's I've always loved his black and blue costume. So many great things you can do with the blacks and make that blue bird symbol pop with the art. Now however they've changed it just a bit, with a red symbol and batman like arm gauntlets. It certainly gives him a more serious look in my opinion.

For my sketch, this was a quicky. I want to ink and color this up so I didnt get so detailed with my pencils. I already see a few things I would tweak anyway before I ink it. Lets just chalk this up to the process file.

Nightwing - 054

9x12 Pencil on Bristol Board.
$60 total if you'd like it inked with Blue or Red color added to his symbol.
To Purchase, email subject "Nightwing" to

To jump on board with the new DC relaunch go to DCBService and subscribe. You can get it as a monthly magazine shipped right to you, and at 30% off!

Or check out the older trades, written by my pal Chuck Dixon and other amazing writers! This run is what got me onto Nightwing!


  1. I love Nightwing. In fact, I often call myself Nightwing on internet boards and such. I believe a certain collaborator of yours has a Nightwing connection as well...

  2. Yeah I think Chuck knows a thing or two about the character. :)

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