Thursday, August 18, 2011

Robot Week?!!! This sounds like a job for....

Magnus Robot Fighter!!!!

I was chatting with my Dad about how terrible this whole Robot week thing turned out. Between the break for the convention, then the whole deal about what is exactly considered a robot, and flubbing that one. Anyway, he mentioned Magnus The Robot Fighter would be a decent solution.

Tadaa, problem solved. So long Robot Week. I had such high hopes. sigh.

My challenge with this sketch was to go straight to inks. I did a small sketch for Magnus on a separate sheet of paper to get the pose I wanted. The rest I didnt use pencil on. Im sure this would have been fun to do completely accurate and get all the robot details correct...but you get the idea and it gave an energy to my sketching that I was surprised to see. Fun drawing to do.  Thanks Dad!

Magnus Robot Fighter - 043

9x12 Pencil on Bristol Board.
To Purchase, email subject "Magnus Robot Fighter " to 

Atomic Robo Contest UPDATE: 
Now that Robot week is officially over I will send all the suggested comments over to our judges for final decision. I hope to get the winner this week and make the announcement! Thanks for all those that participated, it made the Atomic Robo piece my highest visited post so far on my blog. More hits than Harry Potter, and Pokemon, Way to Go, Robo!


  1. Should give this piece to your Dad if he wants it...if not how much? Also...who won the Robot Week Caption Contest?

  2. Do not let Chuck from Star Joes see this LOL!

  3. I dont know if my Dad is particularly attached to Magnus, he's just full of good ideas.

  4. Great end to the week Robert! Nice touch with the familiar faces in the crowd!

  5. Brilliant drawing!!! Too bad it sold because I would buy that for Chuck for Christmas. Love it!!

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