Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vin Diesel's best acting to date!

Today's robot is none other than the Iron Giant! If you haven't watched this movie, or even if you have but haven't watched it recently... you need to get on that. It's just a great feel good movie, one of the best non-Disney animated movies out there. I think it really flies under the radar because I know you can pick this up for $5 just about anywhere.

I love the Iron Giant's design. I had to go simple with the sketch today because I didn't have much time to draw to begin with. I'm getting packed up to go to the Chicago Con tomorrow (Thurs. - Sun. at the Rosemont Convention Center).

Anyway, because of time constraints, I wanted to try something new. I dont usually draw in an animated style. And by that, I don't mean "cartoony" I mean that the lines I'm using dont have any variance (or atleast not much) So the drawing looks really flat, even though Im drawing things in perspective. In this kind of drawing style, you'll rely heavily on the colorist to determine the lighting, mood, and sense of depth. This is just pencil too, I want to ink this up slick and keep that "dead" line weight. Most of this was free hand so I'll break out my templates and rulers to make sure it's all exact. Then I want to try my hand at coloring this.

Iron Giant - 035

9x12 Pencil on Bristol Board.
To Purchase, email subject "Iron Giant" to


  1. "I am not a weapon. I am Superman!"

  2. This movie makes me choke up every time I see it. Great stuff! Awesome work on the details. Oh, and I especially love the title of the post. :-)

  3. I wasn't surprised to learn the Iron Giant had the same director as the Incredibles; Brad Bird is a great storyteller!

  4. This movie has always been in my top five Traditional Animated movies. Great job. I've tried drawing the Iron giant a couple times and have never been happy with it. You nailed it!