Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What's the point of being a robot... if you can cry?

The Vision for Marvel comics was my answer to my friend Shane's challenge. He politely put me in my place by reminding me that Robotech isn't officially an A.I. robot, but more a mobile suite/armor/vehicle that is piloted by a person.

I suppose that could be it's own week, and I might have to work in an "Armor Wars" week now that I think of it. I had planned to draw Gundam, Voltron, Evangelion etc... this week, but Shane called me out and I had to think about what robot's I could still use that weren't already on my list.

Well sir, my response to that is VISION and a big fat "In yo' FACE!"....but now I have to think of a couple more and all I'm coming up with is Red Tornado...and thats basically the vision for DC comics. I think Robot week is crashing and burning pretty quickly.

It was fun drawing a superhero again. I don't get to that too often. I'm drawing a GI JOE cover and some action adventure comic pages right now, but not any superheroes. So this was a fun warm up.

The Vision - 041

INKED Original for sale $ 75 + 6 shipping.
11x17 Pencil on Bristol Board. Now inked!
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  1. Really? LOL Come on man, even if you have a Star Wars week planned, there has to be a few droids you can still use.

    And Vision is very cool!

    (Super Adaptoid?)

  2. What were your rules for Robot week? Any Robot?

    Twiki and Dr Theopolis from Buck Rogers

    V.I.N.C.E.T. or Old B.O.B, or Maximillon from The Black Hole


    Data from Star Trek although technically he is a Android but so is Vision and Red Tornado.

    Robot from Lost in Space

    Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet

    Frankenstein Jr

    The Mighty Orbots

    Cybermen from Dr Who

    Daleks from Dr Who

  3. heh, Shane...just sayin' you did call me out. Thanks for all the suggestions, I've gotten quite a few through email too. I think I should be set to finish the last few days on Robot week.

  4. I did, just trying to keep you honest!

    Can't wait to see what you come up with! And Armor Wars is Always a good idea! ;)

  5. Dragon Man is an android. That would be a good sketch.

  6. Bwa ha haaa! I'm probably the only person who knows where your post quote came from. Too bad "Robot with Distended Intestines" no longer exists on the world wide web. Now I want to cry.

  7. DC wise there's always Amazo, any of the Metal Men, Hourman III, Indigo/Brainiac 8, Tomorrow Woman (my personal fave), Red Tornado and his family Red Torpedo, Inferno and Volcano.