Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wizard World Chicago Convention Day 2

So we had a full Sat. show here in Chicago. I just had this one sketch to do, so pretty light load. But I'll go ahead and share it.

I've had a great time talking with the people at the show these last few days. I met with Ray Park today just at the end of the show and we chatted about Snake Eyes and the new graphic novel project "Shadow Gambit" that I will be working on this coming year. Ray is playing one of the lead roles in the movie version of the property. They've already filmed a short film of the characters which will be premiered at various film festivals this fall. This link will take you to the trailer and info on the property!

We found it interesting that the two books Im drawing this year, he is acting the roles of the lead characters. Anyway, he's a super nice guy and a lot of fun to talk to.

Today's sketch was another Thor, I actually get asked to do this character a lot. I do enjoy it, so no complaints on my end!

Might Thor WWCC - 038

Im looking forward to getting back on track with Robot week when I get home tomorrow! Thanks for checking out today's post !

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  1. Do you have any "rules" about con sketches? I'm hoping to be able to get one from you at NYCC. Thanks