Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wizard World Chicago Convention!

Very quick post. Im currently at the Chicago Convention and will have to take a break in my robot week I think. I try to plan this out as best as I can, but I think Im going to have to have a convention addendum to my "rules". During any conventions that Im at, I still want to post each day. But while Im at conventions Im spending most of my days doing sketches very similar in nature to the art that I post during my sketch challenge. If I took the time to do a robot character then I would not be able to do a sketch for someone at the show.

So for these few days Im going to post one of the sketches I've done and I will continue Robot week next week.

WWCC Storm Shadow - 036

I did finish drawing his foot on the original, it just didnt get picked up on the scan. heh. This was done during tonight during the preview night at the convention for Stephen. Thanks!

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