Friday, August 5, 2011

You gotta start somewhere...

So today's sketch was just an underdrawing, or what I would call "breakdowns", or "rough pencils". I use a 4H lead in my drafting pencil and work out the basic structure and anatomy of the figure, the proper perspective and composition straight on the page. This is actually 11x17 because it's a commission for someone. But I thought I dont normally show really sketchy stuff here, even though it's technically a "sketch" blog.

I will have a big X-Men theme coming up and once this is all inked up and possibly colored I will spotlight it again there.

Until then this will have to do for today.

Gambit - 030


  1. Nice Gambit, Robert. Like the look of his costume

  2. Cool stuff! You use 4H for the underdrawing, but you are going back over it with HB or B lead for the final pencils?

  3. Yeah my underdrawing is always 4H, but I do my finishing pencils in H. HB or darker smudges too much for my tastes. I can go through a scanning process that darkens it all up nice and smoothly. THat makes up for using a harder lead for my finishing.