Thursday, September 15, 2011

And they just keep getting more weird....

Man, I tell you I never got Mr. Sinister, but I still like him. He makes for a pretty good bad guy, but mostly because I don't know if he's just crazy or brilliantly demented. I get that he had a fascination with Scott and Jean, and his genetic experimentation. But something about him just weirded me out. Then I realized it was the way he looked.

I liked his design in my head, or what I recalled it to be. Then I started to draw it. Is he wearing shoes over boots? Is he wearing fabric shoulder pads over a metal shirt? Why does his cape look like vertical blinds?

Who is this guy and why is he so darn cool?

X-Men Month: Villains - Mr. Sinister - 073

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  1. The only thing he needed to be MORE 90s was pouches. Lots of pouches. And maybe a Rob Liefeld tube gun with no real handle. Sinister ROCKS.

  2. awesome stuff sir! the expressions you make on your charcters are amazing, he just looks evil... keep up the amazing stuff.