Saturday, September 24, 2011

British Ninja Time

Thanks for all the feedback. On an earlier post I asked which version of Psylocke people wanted to see. She was originally a British woman, who is the sister of Captain Britain himself. Then in 1989 Uncanny X-Men 250-251 she was gone from the books for a few issues. When she returned it was revealed that she was captured and brainwashed by the Ninja clan, the Hand. During her capture she was altered and come from that as a Asian woman with Ninja abilities. She now has a telekinetic ability where she can form a psychic knife.

I've only ever really read her in this form, so I was leaning for the ninja version of Psylocke. But I was surprised at how many asked for the British version as well. When it came down to it, I counted up the comments here and emails and Ninja version won out.

X-Men Month - Psylocke - 082

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  1. 250-251 is when the team is lead through the Siege Perilous while being hunted down by The Reavers, they don't show Psylocke again or see her turned into a lame-o ninja until 256-258. when she showed up as Lady Mandarin (an arc that is early Jim Lee work on the title, too.)

    For an old dog like me, the real X-Men went into the Siege and still have never come out. It's been weird dopplegangers ever since ;)

  2. I thought the whole Australia to Muir Island saga felt like one big story that Claremont never got to realize. I started following X-Men during the middle of this time.

  3. The original Psylocke was cooler. I recall an Alan Davis issue of Uncanny where she fought Sabertooth. Great story with beautiful art.