Monday, September 19, 2011

Business in the front...PARTAY in the Back!

First, think of the X-Men in the 90's. Now think of their rockin' hair dues. Who jumps to mind?

My man Bishop sporting the mulleted jheri curl for all to see! I think I spent as much time inking his hair as he probably took getting it ready each morning. There's 30 min. gone.

I actually really like this character, though he might have the most dated costume of the 90's. I'd like to hear who else's costume just screams late 80's 90's from the team or villains. For those who don't know Lucas Bishop came from the future in an attempt to change events to alter the state of his present time. I like the incarnations of the character when he is portrayed as a cop or officer. Though in recent years he's taken a down turn and almost turned to a villain of sorts.

I think he's a character with a lot of potential in the main team, but he's rarely had a chance to showcase it with a story that does him justice.

X-Men Month - Bishop - 077

Bishop actually has a very cool story that's been told. It's not so much a superhero type story as more of a street level detective genre. Very cool though in his roll. Check it out at INSTOCK TRADES

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  1. District X was a really interesting book, agreed. It did feel weird to see Bishop without his flowing dude-mane, though, so thanks very much for the love you put into it in this picture. XD

  2. LOL "Dude-man" that's great. For the longest time I just thought his mullet was actually either his mutant power or a long time parasitic side kick named "Rocka-Shocka" It wasnt until the late 90's that they parted ways and Rocka Shocka found it's way back 80 years into the fututre.

  3. The mullet and geri curl gotta love Jim's design.

  4. so if he is from the future, is that the hair we have to look forward to? ;-) Great job love it, always did like Bishop

  5. About 70 something years down the line.

  6. Oh, yeah. On the subject of which costume most screams 90's, it's always going to be Cable: kneepads, BFGs, and pouches, pouches, pouches.

  7. Think about Shaft from Youngblood his costumes always screamed 90s.