Monday, September 12, 2011


Mitch's last words, "So Mr. Marko....why are you angry all the time?

I wanted to make sure Juggernaut got on the list, he is just one of those classically HUGE comic book characters. I don't get the chance to draw this kind of character that often. No one is this big in GI JOE, as they keep to more realistic proportional people.

One of the coolest things about the Juggernaut, aside from being Professor X's step-brother, is that he actually isn't a mutant. This is old news for all you X-fans, but I always found it interesting that in a world of mutants and other reasons for superpowers, it would have been incredibly easy to just say that Cain Marko is another mutant who is abnormally huge and ridiculous strength. Instead, the origins of his power is the ancient Gem of Cyttorak. It imbues him with the power and strength of the Juggernaut. His silly looking helmut, is what protects him from mind attacks. Although it is silly, its the defining characteristic of his costume and what makes him so recognizable.

X-Men Month Villians: Juggernaut - 069

One of the other cool things about the Juggernaut is that he has always been used throughout the Marvel universe as a general strong bad guy. He has popped up in Amazing Spiderman, and that remains on of my favorite Spiderman issues drawn by John Romita Jr.

9x12 Ink on Bristol Board.
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  1. wow love it sir... Juggernaut, for some reason love him as well. Haven't seen the ASM issue with him in it but going to have to check it out. keep up the amazing work buddy. have a great day

  2. Perfect shot of Cain Marko! You and X-Men month are getting along great! Loving it!

  3. Plus, not being a mutant is important since he's very racist against mutants(one more reason for him to hate good ol' Chuck).

  4. Love Juggernaut! but i hate that they dumded him down in Comics now! :(