Friday, September 9, 2011

C'mon Cyke, Just Blast a dude!

After much deliberation....well about 5 min. I decided I'm going to do two Cyclops drawings for this month. I know, I know, how is that fair and wouldn't everyone rather see another character instead of Scott twice.  Well, I dont care about that.  heh.

I got on this kick of doing the Giant Size X-Men team (*side note: I never want to type Giant Size again, it's getting incredibly old) and I realized Cyclops is on just about every iteration of the team. My personal favorite costume for Scott Summers is the 90's Jim Lee version. I think that is a general consensus. But I didn't want to leave him hanging with the team I spotlighted this week. So I will be doing another Cyclops towards the end of the month. Plus, I've already gotten requests to buy the art for him and I figure this way there is more to go around.

Quick rundown on how the rest of the month will go. Starting tomorrow and through the week I am doing Villians! For all you that love the bad guys, its a chance to focus on them. After that I will have a few days of some X-characters that are a little off to the side so-to-speak. Characters from the auxilery teams like X-Force, and New Mutants. Domino, Cable, CannonBall, Dazzler, Madrox, Havok then we get into the home stretch of that most notable core team. Generally, I will just pick my favorite costume to show them in. However, if there is a public out cry to put Havok in his new costume or his old, I'll do what people speak up about.

First off- Im going to put two questions out there:

1. Angel or Archangel?
2. Ninja Psylocke or British Psylocke?

If I do both versions of either or both of those, it will bump a pretty notable character (hero or villian) off the list. So post in the comment section below which you would prefer.

Enough talking, Just blast a dude!

X-Men Month: Classic Cyclops - 065

9x12 Ink on Bristol Board.
To Purchase, email subject "Classic Cyclops" to

Be sure to vote on the poll to the left!
Lets see if any character can give Wolverine a run for his money.


  1. Def Archangel. And Havok should be in his old black and white costume. ;-)

  2. Angel or british psylocke
    Though really i am just waitting for Rahne Sinclair

  3. Oh, the tear I could go on wrt to how Cyke's been treated. I'll just say that's a neat visor effect and faboo inking and leave it at that. ;)

    Angel, British Betsy (so much love for the Alan Davis art), and old school Rahne (if my opinion on that matters, not being the anon in question ;) )!

  4. I should go ahead and post how Im leaning on this too btw.

    Angel, Ninja Psylocke, Old school Rahne and Havok. Though I really love how Ryan Sook drew Rahne when they kicked off the new X Factor. British Psylocke was a little before my time.

    Cyclops is hands down my favorite x-men character, and they could make him so awesome and generally dont. He has definitely been put through the wringer.

  5. Angel.
    Ninja Psylocke.
    Old School Rahne.

    When are you going to announce the Winner of the Robot Week contest?

  6. I hope that Professor X will be in the mix.

    And don't forget Longshot.

    I'd love to see Iceman in his original "Snow" form.

    Maybe you could end the month with a re-make of X-Men #1 cover?

  7. My vote is for Angel, but I get that archangel looks "Cooler".

    As far as Psylocke, there shouldn't be a choice, British Psylocke is the only one that counts!


  8. British Psylocke!! Don't make me create fake profiles and vote using them!

  9. My votes go to Archangel and British Pyslocke.

  10. This Cyclops is amazing!! Great job, Robert!

    Personally, while I am fine with Havok's old costume, I love his new look. So I would like to see his modern day look.

    My votes on the others are: Archangel and Ninja Psylocke. That's who they were when I started getting heavy into X-Men.

  11. Archangel and Ninja Psylocke - the 90s were the BEST!

  12. Archangel and Ninja Psylocke. 90s Havok.

  13. I concur, 90's havok i liked the x-factor outfit. As for Rahne i did like the old school since that was when i started reading her, but i also like her now that she has some backbone and not just Dani's pet sister. Though now that i think on it that was a great chemistry they had. Darn my brain and it's indecision.

  14. What's up with Bishop? no love???

  15. Archangel!!!
    Any Apocalypse-themed works in the future?

    Ninja Psylocke!!!

    My favorite Havok design is the all-black one with white lines that have a blue glow.

  16. While I do like the design for Archangel, I choose Angel because I think that Robert will do an excellent job with the wings.

    As for Psylocke, this really isn't a choice - British Betsy all the way.

    And since it's been mentioned, I vote for classic Havok.

  17. Too true. What they've been doing with Scott lately is just...argh. So far as I'm concerned, this guy who's been knocking around since Morrison left the X-Books is a Skrull and I loathe him.

    Northstar's my favorite, though I still get a weird sense of "What?" when referring to him as an X-Man.

  18. British Besty!!! I detest the Kwannon retcon! Was okay with Claremont's "The Key That Breaks The Locke," but then stupid Lobdell and Nicieza had to retcon the story because their ignorant selfs didn't realize that Bets' metamorphosis had been explained. Enter Kwannon, the superfluous plot point.