Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Iceman....the mutant, not the Val Kilmer kind.

Iceman for today, and we are really coming down to the end of it. Just a few more of the original X-team and we'll be wrapping up X-Men Month.

While I do like the character, Iceman hasn't ever had that stand out story since I've been reading. I remember a time during Bastion's Operation Zero Tolerance where he seemed to be integral to the story. But for me his last big moment was when he first revealed that he could manipulate his ice form in this John Romita Jr. drawn story.

Even though he isn't my favorite character, or I don't see him used that much lately, he does have a great visual look and everyone seems to know who he is. Probably from Spiderman and His Amazing Friends!

X-Men Month - Iceman - 085

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  1. This one looks like good, old school fun. Nicely done!

    Bobby is a character I am seriously up and down on depending on the writer -- loved him in the 90's under Lobdell, hated him during Austen's run, then circled back to love when Carey was on the book a few years back. Lately, he's mostly been background scenery, so we'll see where he is after the current shake-up.

  2. I totally agree. just waiting to see how he shows up and fits into the team again.