Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mutant Target Identified....Initiate Capture!

I was looking for Sentinel reference through my X-Men books and realized they aren't as prominent as I thought. I can remember a few notable arcs where the Sentinels were used in some form. X-Men Civil War had some redesigned Sentinels, and Grant Morrison's run used "Wild Sentinels" created from salvaged parts. Through their various incarnations, it's nearly always been Bolivar Trask that has been involved in creating and improving them.

After looking it up, I realized there have been MarkI - Mark VIII designs, but that doesn't include the Wild Sentinels or Bastion's Prime Sentinels. For me though, I think again it harkens back to the 90's cartoon. The very first episode was "Night of the Sentinels" and the season ends with an attack on the Sentinel factory when they fight Master Mold.

I guess I should have come up with something witty to say, but instead without thinking, I started typing and took it real seriously... I AM a nerd.

Side note: I also wanted another chance to draw Cyclops! Whooot.

X-Men Month: Villains - Sentinels - 071

There is a great ALL AGES book put out by Marvel called "Sentinel". You can find collected editions here at INSTOCK TRADES
It's written by Sean McKeaver and drawn by Udon Studios. A fun story about a young boy who finds a broken Sentinel. He able to tinker it back together and reprogram it to become a friend. 

For a more recent Sentinel story you can look for Astonishing X-Men, in a recent fight against a new form of Sentinels HERE

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  1. Great Sentinel. The Sentinel stories are actually pretty few, but memorable. The early New Mutants stories had some and of course there is Days of Future Past! Nice X-Factor Cyclops, too!