Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nact Kriechen in the house!

Crazy deadlines to get to so I'm gonna make this short. Nightcrawler is in my top 3 favorite X-Men. He's just too cool. I'd say go pick up a X-Men book off the shelf and get some great Nightcrawler action...but he's dead. Sorry if I spoiled that for you, but, there are plenty of awesome older stories of him still alive, and just give it few years and he'll be alive again. Trust's comics, he'll be back in no time.

But here ya go, the man with a mission...or in this case he was the man in a mission, or on a mission. (he was pretty religious)

X-Men Month: Nightcrawler - 059

9x12 Ink on Bristol Board.
To Purchase, email subject "NightCrawler" to

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  1. ...or his vicious alt-dimensional counterpart will be back before we know it. *sigh*

    I don't know if Nighty takes a spot in my top three X-Men these days, but he is definitely in my all-time top ten. The Fuzzy Elf was one of my first ink-and-paint crushes, and I think you did a great job playing up the "demonic" part of the demonic good looks here. Sharp, dark, but still with a sense of fun.