Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nathan Christopher Charles Askani-son Summers, or just Cable for short

I tell you this character sums up the convolution that is the X-Men history. Cable's background is about as long winded and ridiculous as his name, but danged if I don't love this character. He's gone though quite a few different versions of costumes and roles within the X-Men universe.

Boiled down from a VERY long story-short, Cable is the son of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Madylene Pryor, and as an infant was sent to the future to be raised. He returned as a grown man in his late 40's or early 50's by appearance, and went on to lead the New Mutants and X-Force.  Trust me that IS the incredibly short version.

I followed the Cable series for quite a while and really enjoyed it. I think Cable works best as a team leader, as he can pull from his experience and training that he received in the war torn future fighting Apocalypse. I like it when he has those moments with Cyclops and they both acknowledge their father-son relationship. While it's been addressed, I'm still waiting for the story or mini-series that has just the two of them working together as a backward father and son and really establish their relationship. Lots of potential I think. Too often Cable is story fodder and hasn't recently been given the opportunity to lead in the way I think he could.

As far as which costume to choose, I read him most during the mid-late 90's and he was getting past his HUGE gun and shoulder pad phase. He had this costume or a slight variation of it for nearly 8 years, and it was the costume requested most. Though, I'll post the alternative I could have gone with right here below.....

X-Men Month - Cable - 078

9x12 Ink on Bristol Board.
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  1. Ah, the Psimitar. A name so ridiculous it boomerangs back around to awesome. Great pose!

  2. You're on a roll Robert! Magneto, Bishop and Cable, keep 'em coming! X-Month has been a blast. Hate to see it end!