Monday, September 5, 2011

OMG=Ororo Monroe- Goddess!

Storm has an interesting place in our household. She is my 5 year old son's favorite X-Men and for awhile there his absolutely favorite superhero period! Last year around this time I was working on X-Men: Forever V2 #13, which centered around Storm for the majority of the issue. I think that's when it clicked in my son's mind that I draw comics. That I actually draw superheroes. I think I gained a touch of respect in his eyes, for that reason alone I love this character.

I've always been impressed with how well Storm is regarded and recognized by the general public as a character. If you ask a random stranger on the street what female superhero they can think of, it's pretty much WonderWoman and then Storm. And why not, she is a beautiful, strong, female leader of a superhero team. Like most of these characters, she has gone through a whole wardrobe of costume changes. This was her original costume as she was introduced in the 70's by Dave Cockrum. I think it's still my favorite for her. Now Storm first appeared along with the rest of the new X-Men team in Giant Sized X-Men #1.  (btw when I say Giant Sized, I dont mean the characters were huge, it was just the name of the issue they first appeared in as a new team. You can look it up on Wiki if you have any questions.)

With the exception of Gambit, I've actually picked quite the Giant Sized team to begin X-Men month. So I think I will continue that for the next few days. We've got Banshee and Warpath on the list. I know Warpath wasn't technically on that early team, it was his brother Thunderbird, but they're basically the same character anyway. Im not going to split feathers about it.

So here is the OMG herself:

X-Men Month: Storm - 061

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9x12 Ink on Bristol Board.
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  1. Ha! I think I said this before around the time you were posting Thundercats, but let me repeat: Your little boy has great taste in superheroes. ;)

  2. WOW! The lineart on this one is exceptional Rob, super clean and slick. Alwasy like how you blend border to bg for these pin ups!

  3. Love this piece are we going to see Bishop too?

  4. One of my faves pieces you've done. Really really nice.