Monday, September 26, 2011

The real McCoy...


Whew, project finished...well my part anyway. Finally got a chance to give some attention to the X-men resident genius and happy go-lucky Beast!

I've always really enjoyed this character. I loved the duality of his intellect with his main power set being so physical. Of all the transformations these characters have gone through, I think when he went from a more human form to this version was a stroke of genius. It added so many new elements to his character and a uniqueness to his appearance. 

Interesting then that his new "cat" form drives me so crazy. He went from more feral and ape-like to a blue lion of sorts. I never quite understood the necessity of his transformation, as it didn't add anything to his character. Emma Frost's new diamond form that came about during the same story arc involving a second mutation, made some sense. She acquired a new power set, but with Beast I just miss the old days I guess. 

This was treat to do, like the Colossus and Nightcrawler sketches, it was nostalgic and fun to draw such a distinct looking character.

X-Men Month - Beast - 084

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  1. Really nice one here -- good mix of agility and strength.

    For my money, Beast's new kitty visage falls somewhere between the writer missing the point (see also: Nightcrawler being the son of the devil; Pixie being a literal pixie) and not having done enough character research to realize that it's already been done. Not really a fan.

  2. Blame Grant Morrison for the new Beast look. I think that he just missed the whole concept or was on some really trippy drugs. As for Nightcrawler, he was not the son of the devil. He was the son of an immortal mutant that posed as the devil. Pixie being a literal pixie is a little lame, but being the daughter of Mastermind is pretty cool as well.