Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ring that Belle...

There have been two eras of X-Men history that I've really enjoyed Rogue's character. As appearing here in this sketch, I like reading her in Jim Lee's run on X-Men through the early 90's. Then again just a few years ago when written by Mike Carey. Knowing her character 20 years ago, I wouldn't have expected to see her become a team leader, but that goes to show how these characters can evolve.

I always liked that her power allowed her to adopt other mutant's powers, seeing her blast out Cyclops' eye beams was pretty cool. But I never really liked the visual when she appropriates the other physical characteristics, like Nightcrawler's blue skin or Colossus metal body. Just personal preference I guess.

I don't think I'm alone though when I say I think she was at her best in this costume...

X-Men Month - Rogue - 080

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  1. Damn. These sell way too fast. I think you need to give me heads up before you post Angel or Arc-Angel. So I can save my nickles.

  2. Nickles? I meant Nickels. spel gud huh?

  3. IT is easily the best costume for her. I think that this was probably Jim's best design on during his X-Men tenure.

  4. I think his cyclops, gambit and rogue designs were his best. Personall, I think cyclops wins out because of it's longevity. Scott wore that costume for nearly 25 years, until frank quietely ruined it.

  5. I meant to say 15 years, sorry typo before people go crazy,heh

  6. Seems like I need to stay awake until midnight to have a chance at one of these things.

  7. Robert Atkins, you have made this blog required viewing for me. I check it every evening and morning, in the hopes that I can snatch up one of these bad boys. It shows how truly amazing you are that they are always sold out! Instead of being bummed, I am really happy that everyone appreciates your work as much as I am.

    I don't know who I have to Tweet at to make this happen, but you need to be on an X-Men ASAP. Your understanding of the characters, and love for them, comes through in every picture. Fantastic.

    And this one was so good that it urged me to write a big gushy post. I agree 100% with your thoughts on Rogue (I actually echoed all of your sentiments in a post I wrote a while ago: ).

    I'm going to be following this blog with even more fervor, and I hope that I can nab the next X-Forcer you do. You are amazing.

    Also, your work on Heroes For Hire was excellent.

  8. He did a great Sabretooth that is still for sale.

  9. Thats true, I still have a few left, not all of them go the moment they are posted. Also, its not always right at midnight. Its always still in my work day, but that can go as late as 3-4 am each morning. I think I technically finished this at 4:20 AM this morning, but I change the posting time to keep it on a daily schedule with the time stamp. Sometimes you're competing with international people that watch the blog and are 6-8 hours ahead of us here in the states.

    LOL and if you want to tweet to @nick_lowe he is the senior editor at Marvel for X-Men. I've met him at a number of cons, he's a good guy. I dont think he'd mind. heh.

  10. Got his email address? I would much rather email him than join twitter.

  11. Shoot me an email david,