Sunday, September 4, 2011

в вашем лице SIMEK!!!!! (In Your Face! *translated from Russian)

Colossus is tied with Nightcrawler for my 2nd and 3rd favorite X-Men character. I've always enjoyed the way they interracted in the books, especially considedering that they joined the team at the same time. That Giant Sized group of Cyclops, Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Banshee were such a cool dynamic of international mutants. Around 2001 or so Colossus died in the books, and man I hated that. But atleast they handled it in a cool way and he wasnt forgotten. About the same time Marvel launched their "Ultimate" line of books. I started picking up Ulitmate X-Men because it was the only place I could read Colossus in the books.

Since Colossus has been back in the books I've enjoyed it as much as ever. Like I said with Nightcrawler, it's pretty inevitable that the characters always come back eventually.

Oh and the title, is just referencing my pal Shane Simek. This sketch is for him. He's been a great friend, who I first met at conventions. At the last minute he was able to step up and go to a con with me that I was driving to Rhode Island for. I picked up Shane in Ohio and we made the trip. The show was crazy busy and I couldnt have handled it without some help. Not only that, but he sent my son a huge box of his old action figures and Connor is over the moon about it. He gets a new figure each week and it's like this ongoing Christmas.  So this Colossus is for you friend. Happy Labor Day!

X-Men Month: Colossus - 060

9x12 Ink on Bristol Board

For those of you who the russian express here and want to read more, check out these ridiculously cheep comics here at INSTOCK TRADES
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  1. That's one of the most dynamic figures I've seen you draw. Awesome stuff!

  2. Love it! After Hudson's Constructive Anatomy this looks even cooler!!

    But... I cannot help wondering if "к вашему лицу" (to your face - k-vashyemoo leetsoo) would be better, since "in your face" would have a literal meaning in Russian along the lines of "your eyeball is 'in your face'," while "to your face" would suggest exactly what Colossus is going to do with Wolvie! Then again... we have all seen Wolvie in action and "in your face" may be just fine.

  3. So freakin cool! Thanks Robert! You ARE The Man.