Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wolverine Lite...

I put up the quick question on my Facebook account who I should draw next. Sabretooth or Mr. Sinister.  Ol' Toothy here took the early lead, but right towards the end I was surprised to see the number of Sinister fans out there. Even my son wanted me to draw Mr. Sinister, but I think that was because he didn't know what that character looked like.

At any rate, here is Victor Creed a.k.a. Sabretooth. Basically what Wolverine would become if he gave into his crazy rages and had no morality to speak of. From the begining, Sabretooth has been around to plague Wolverine's history. 

I've always liked the character, and again I'm amazed at how much of my opinions of these characters were formed through the X-Men cartoon. In episode 1, the very first shot is Sabretooth rampaging in the streets. I'm thinking about doing a full on Wolverine week and spotlighting his various incarnations. One of which, I would really like to do his Dept. H team with Wolverine, Sabretooth and Maverick in their black and yellow ops gear. 

One of the best confrontations of Wolverine and Sabertooth though can be found HERE .  A story called Old Soldiers by Chris Claremont and drawn by Alan Davis (one of my personal favorite artists!)

X-Men Month Villians: Sabretooth - 072

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  1. I kind of combined his classic and 90's costume a bit. He didnt have the fur on his arms in the 90's version. But I was drawing it before I realized he didnt. I need to stop doing some of these from memory.

  2. Wolverine Week! You're a genius! I'd love to see Japan and World War II versions of Logan!

  3. Sounds pretty good to me. Don't worry about the fur on his arms, it looks pretty good.

  4. That is a fantastic shot of Sabretooth and the costume modifications work great! Sabretooths time with the Marauders was awesome and that Alan Davis issue is Fantastic! Good call!

    If you do Team X with Sabretooth, Logan and Maverick, I need to see that!

  5. I'd like to see this version of Sabretooth in the comics.

  6. most designs are too practical now a days. This was all bout the spandex, though still my favorite version.

  7. I just read Ultimate X and Arthur Adams did a very cool version of him.