Saturday, September 10, 2011

"You are not FIT, You are not WORTHY!"

Ah, 90's nostalgia. sigh. That was a quote from the old X-Men cartoon. Apocalypse says that, and my brothers and I quoted it all the time to each other. heh.

So I'm kicking off X-Men:Villians for the next week or so. First up, one of the first recorded mutants in history. Apocalypse has a crazy background. He actually grew up in Ancient Egypt and has since created technology to keep him alive. I'm not entirely sure of his complete list of powers. What his mutant powers are vs. the powers of the armor he wears? Either way he's pretty formidable, and he was the central villian in one of the best X-Men stories told: Age of Apocalypse! When it came out you had to collect 4 or 5 different titles and match them all up, read them in the correct order. Man, it was confusing. But now you can buy it in this nice 4 volume series. It's a great read for the price. Check it out! Instock Trades

X-Men Month Villians: Apocalypse - 067

"You will USE the machine!"

9x12 Ink on Bristol Board.
To Purchase, email subject "Apocalypse" to

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  1. Sweet take on Apocalypse! Very cool and detailed Robert!

  2. For all of his weird powers on the tv series I always thought he was actually an alien. How can Magneto be called "the most powerfull mutant on Earth" if Apocalypse can do all sorts of wacky stuff (like growth,super strenght,limbs stretching, can shoot beams, shapeshift...), has alien technology at his disposal, is effectivelly inmortal and has wisdom of centuries? This character is just so cheap! :O

    Fanboy comments aside, this is great work mate, I loved the way you drew him!

  3. yeah I didnt bother to look up the Wiki page on the character, Im sure that would answer a lot of my questions. heh. Thanks for the comments.