Monday, October 31, 2011

Alucard...Son of Dracula! Happy Halloween

The choice for using this design for Alucard is based on the Castlevania III game. Where he was still loyal to his father Dracula in the begining. He is more popularly known for his more noble swashbuckling look with the swords and white flowing hair. We've gone back a bit to see where that all starts. I might still do a more current look Alucard, because I do like the costume used for him with all the period details.

For this sketch, a little opposite of the last, I was wanting to use more blacks and large shadows. I still use a lot of lines, where instead I could have suggested more. But Im getting there. I still have a lot to learn and experiment with.

Castlevania Week: Alucard Son of Dracula - 120

“After all the things I’ve done in the name of my father, I do not know that I deserve your respect. But even damned creatures can hope for redemption.”

I just rambled on without really knowing much about the character. For a more capable description here are Quinn's comments on Alucard:
"Alucard is the half-human son of Count Dracula, which automatically makes him awesome. While 'Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse for the NES was his first appearance, he acquired a rabid fan-base when he became the main hero of the PS1’s “Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.” In that game, he used hundreds of swords and other weapons, and had a slew of dark powers, including transforming into a bat, wolf, or mist. But in “III” he was kind of a disappointment. Sure, he could shoot fireballs in three directions, but the attack was pathetically weak. He could, however, still transform into a bat, an extremely cool and helpful ability.

Most people don’t seem to remember that in his first appearance he was working for his father and acted as one of the game’s bosses until you defeated him. My comic book treatment really explores this inner conflict—he’s a haunted soul torn between his love for his wicked father, and the last plea of his human mother: “Do not hate humans. If you cannot live with them, then at least do them no harm…for theirs is already a hard lot.” It’s this desire to rebel against his evil upbringing but lack of faith in himself that makes him such an interesting character to me."

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Witchy Woman...

Today's character is Sypha, a witch vampire hunter from the Castlevania series. Again, a character I know nothing about, so after the sketch scroll down for a little character lesson from my friend Quinn (comic book writer and Castlevania aficionado)

Before that, I want to get all "artsy" on ya'll. This kind of drawing at first glance can look pretty simple in comparison to the last two. However when you take a subject and break it down strictly to line, you then give that line a LOT of responsibility. That single line needs to convey form, depth, texture, weight or gravity, motion, even mood. That can be a lot to ask for one line, but when done well, you are able to capture all of that and more.

Cartooning is by definition conveying form with only line. During the Renaissance a cartoon, or line drawing was made on a large sheet of paper then transfered to wet plaster for painters to apply a fresco on top. They used the "cartoon" as a map, or an underdrawing for structure to then apply a more rendered painting over it. The painting becomes the finished product, the cartoon was just a step in the process. In a more modern sense we associate the same term with Disney movies, Looney Tunes and the like. It has grown from newspapers, comic books, tv shows and movies to what it is today.

I learned from a professor I had at college to respect the simplest drawing, because it is using far less than it could to tell you what you need to know. That the artist who created it respected those lines and knew how important each one was for the drawing to work.

I run into this everyday, with every face I draw. A simple line drawn to high or low, to the left or right, just barely "off" will completely change a person, or their expression.

In this sketch I wanted to keep it to just lines, give a lighter feel to the drawing it self, but more just a study of line.

Castlevania Week: Sypha - 119

“I fight Count Dracula, but am I the hero? Or am I just as black-hearted and false as he is?”

I just rambled on....pretty incoherently and not even about the character this time. For a more capable description here are Quinn's comments on Sypha:

"Sypha is a magic-wielding witch who ironically works for the Church. She made her first appearance in “Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse,” imprisoned as a statue until her captor the Cyclops was defeated. Not only were her magic spells incredibly awesome (a huge fire blast, ice crystals that allowed frozen enemies to be smashed, and homing lightning balls), but her true sex wasn’t revealed until the very end of the game when her hood fell back and her long blonde hair fell out. How cool is that?

Many fans know that she and Trevor eventually got married, and my comic book treatment really explores that emotional journey. She starts out as a very prickly, bitter person with a ton of emotional baggage, but once her terrible past is revealed it’s not so hard to see why." 

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Pirate's life for me....yarrrrr.

Today's contribution to Castlevania week is Trevor's trusty side kick Grant. I didn't have much to go on for this guy, and I read up his character description. Then I realized I've never drawn a pirate before!?! This was a blast to do, I hope it seems true to his character. But I think Quinn will be the judge of that.

As far as the sketch goes, it was a fun fabric study. Often with Superhero books its just drawing guys in spandex, so this kind of switch in genre is a fun change of pace!

Castlevania Week: Grant - 118

“What can I say? I’ve got a way with sharp things you throw to kill other things.”

I just rambled on....pretty incoherently about a character I don't know. For a more capable description here are Quinn's comments on Grant:

"I love this guy. A roguish pirate adventurer, his first appearance was in “Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse,” where he started off as a possessed monster boss that joined you once the spell was broken. He was easily the favorite companion: he was very fast and jumped really far, plus he could scale any wall or ceiling and toss knives and axes from wherever he was perched. This mobility opened up whole new worlds in platforming gameplay.
 I always pictured him as a cocky yet still slightly insecure bloke who always has something witty and hilarious to say. The Wii game “Castlevania: Judgment” captured this personality beautifully, and in my comic book treatment the trend continues. His smart-alecky comments are a great counterpoint to Trevor’s more “stuffy” attitude. But like the other heroes, he’s got some terrible tragedy in his past that he’ll have to face."

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Trevor Belmont...the manly version

As I was talking with Quinn working up these new character designs he was pretty adament about the fact that he wanted a more manly looking Trevor Belmont. While the japanese Castlevania designs are beautifully designed and rendered, they can come across a bit androgynous.

With Quinn's direction I used the cover to Castlevania III or IV (I forget now) showing Simon in Barbarian/Roman looking armor and rockin' a head band, but missing some pants. He had that Roman/Greek style fighting skirt. I tell you that was the first thing to go, this guy needed some pants.

Beyond that I just added armor over a leather jurkin and trousers. The straps and "gear" he has is the chain whip (which I think actually has a name) a cross with beads tucked into his belt, a holy water bottle tucked in a pouch on his left hip, and a trusty dagger hanging from his belt as well. It looks more complicated than it is probably. But I thought it a good mix of the old simpler design, and the newer very elaborate designs. Certainly a bit more manly to say the least.

Castlevania Week: Trevor Belmont - 117

“There is always hope. Though the powers of evil may rant and rage, for all their uproar they are no match for the power of good. All that is required is that we do not give up.”

I just rambled on....pretty incoherently about a character I don't know. For a more capable description here are Quinn's comments on Trevor Belmont:

"Trevor Belmont made his first appearance in “Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse,” the third and last game in the series for the original Nintendo. Trevor’s descendant Simon Belmont had been the hero in the first two games, but for whatever reason Trevor became my favorite Belmont—strange, considering his in-game abilities were pretty much identical to Simon’s and there wasn’t much in the way of character development in the games of those days. Perhaps he became my favorite because “III” is my favorite video game of all time. Maybe it was because he was the strongest character in the game with the best weapon selection, the go-to warrior you could always count on. Perhaps it was because he could transform into the game’s other three heroes, a super-cool power. Or maybe it was because he was the first of the Belmont bloodline to take on the awesome might of Count Dracula and win. Whatever the reason, he’s one bad mother.

In the later PS2 game “Castlevania: Curse of Darkness,” they made him kind of an arrogant tough guy, but that felt wrong to me. In my comic book treatment, I’ve written him as I always imagined: a brave, noble warrior who’s somewhat disgruntled with the Church for exiling his clan, but who nevertheless has unshakable religious conviction and becomes a moral compass for the rest of the team. He’s the ally you can always look up to, plus he kicks some major evil butt."

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Castlevania Week....or atleast a condensed version

Im excited to do a theme week revolving around the time of year. I've never been really big into Halloween, except to trick or treat or put together fun costumes. Anyone who knows me can tell you how much of a pansy I am when it comes to creepy movies, zombies, ghost stories...basically anything that would scare a 5 year old. So pretty easy to understand why I don't dive into the whole Halloween vibe.

My friend Quinn Johnson, (creator of Elders of the RuneStone, and comic writer) is a Castlevania Fanatic. I don't use that term lightly, as quickly as I would pee myself by watching a zombie movie, Quinn pees himself each time a new Castlevania game is released. 

He has written up a pretty amazing treatment for a new Castlevania story and I was eager to do some character designs for it. While I haven't played many of the games, I always enjoyed the concept art and the look of the series. So for the next few days I will be posting my character designs that Quinn will be using for his treatment!

First up...

Castlevania Week: Death - 116

“The nations of the world would have fallen beneath your feet, but you’ve thrown it all away. And for what? The humans?! Greedy, frail, wretched creatures, their lives as meaningless and fleeting as a candle’s flame.”

I just rambled on....pretty incoherently about a character I don't know. For a more capable description here are Quinn's comments on Death:

"Death has appeared in nearly every game in the Castlevania series as one of the last major bosses. With his creepy sickles flying at you from every corner of the room, plus his nightmarish transformations, he’s almost always been a really scary foe to take on. I’ve always been intrigued by the question of who, or what exactly he is? Has he always been the eternal entity of legend, or did he become what he is? Perhaps not knowing is one of the factors that makes him so cool.

As Dracula’s advisor and confidant, he’s refined and cunning, but is also an undead monstrosity who enjoys slaying his victims and tormenting their souls—an intriguing juxtaposition. Another thing about Death that makes him so interesting is that not only is he Dracula’s right-hand man, but he’s also his close friend. The idea of Dracula having a “friend” at all when everyone else is either a victim, foe, or mere minion is a fascinating concept."

Thanks Quinn, you are far more intelligent than I.
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wolverine...coming back for Round Two!

Quick post today, I wanted to ink up this Wolverine that kicked off X-Men Month back in Sept. I printed this out on illustration board with a blue line. I then can ink over the blue and when I scan it in, just knock out the blue and I'm left with my original inks. This time around I did it larger on 11x17 to give Simon a decent file to color.

Tonight I'm going to be starting up Castlevania theme for Halloween!

Wolverine Inks -115

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's a Bird...a it's...

Kara Zor-El Cousin to the Last Son of Krypton...or well, Supergirl.

Another sketch done in the back of my art book. This is for Tony who lives on an island in Northern Scotland.

This was fun to do, I'm excited to do my Justice League week in Dec.

Supergirl - 114

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Move It You MAGGOTS!!!!

You know for as ridiculous as Sgt. Slaughter was, he's gotta be one of the most memorable GI Joe's of my childhood. I think it's because there actually was this guy walking around and wrestling people. Trust me I thought Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow or even characters like Flint were really cool, but I didnt see them on TV pile driving dudes.

Of all the real life people/characters that transitioned over to the GI Joe property, I think Sgt. Slaughter is such a caricature to begin with, that he was the one that stuck. Well today's sketch is of the old drill Sgt. Himself, another one of my head sketches inside the back of my art books. There are still a few available. Details to purchase them below.  Sketches finished in black Prismicolor pencils

GI Joe: Sgt. Slaughter - 113

Art Books are available to purchase - $15 + $3 shipping.
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Breaker Breaker...1..2..

More of these head shots I am doing in the backs of my art books.  You can check out the previous post with Stalker for all of the details. Mostly I need to get back to some quick sketching to catch up with work. I was out of commission most of late last week and all day yesterday because my kids had the flu, and then they so lovingly passed it on to me.

So here by request is a "bearded" Breaker, and I couldn't resist throwing in the bubble gum as a throw back to those Joe fans that know what the gum is all about!

GI Joe: Breaker - 112

Art Books are available to purchase - $15 + $3 shipping.
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Why do I feel like..somebody's Watchin' Meeee....

So for today's quick sketch we've got Stalker from GI Joe. Can't spend too long on today's post, I'm wrapping up a long day's work and am falling asleep at the computer. Though I have to say Stalker is in my top 5 favorite GI Joes. This was a head sketch I did inside the cover of one of my art books. I do still have these books available. If you are interested, the book is 50 pages full color, containing mostly GI JOE related work or sketches, along with other various characters. The books are $15 and I will do a original head sketch for an additional $20.

For the sketch, I was experimenting with using black Prismacolor pencils instead of ink or marker.

Stalker  -  111

Art Books are available to purchase - $15 + $3 shipping.
If you would like an additional head sketch, Include $20 and the character you would like.
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Homage part III

I promise this is the last one, heh trust me by this time around I was getting pretty sick of this layout too.

So like these other GI Joe related homage covers:

This was the cover for the IDW Cobra title , I tried to make sure each of these had a different feel or mood even though they were so similar to the original cover. Also with this one, I realized again that it's hard to show emotion on a guy whose face can't move.

Still, cool to draw all the IDW versions of the Cobra guys with this cover. I have only had the chance to draw a few of these while I've been on the main title or on Snake Eyes.

Cobra Homage Cover - 110
Layout sketches to get approved of the Snake Eyes and Cobra covers

My pencils weren't as tight and I left the black areas to be filled in during the inking stage. That's what the "X" markings stand for.

Inks by Juan Castro (GI JOE, Snake Eyes)  

Colors again by the amazing Mark Roberts! He had to color this in a couple of hours for it to be on time! 

Alright, so like I promised, this is the last one. Over all I think the GI Joe was my favorite. I totally agree it would be more appropriate for SnakeEyes to be holding Scarlett, but it just didn't work out that way. 

Thanks for all your feedback on the Homage covers, at the end of the day, I love that it gave me the chance to draw so many GI JOE characters back to back.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shadow Gambit- Moebius

For all the specifics of the new property I'm working on just scroll down a bit to the Basil Fox character post or follow this link:

But today's sketch is the second half of the duo you can find Alaric Moebius' bio info here: 

But on to the sketch, one added bonus about this character is I'll be forced to learn how to draw a proper fedora hat. You can tell in some of the sketches Im still figuring it out. Also for this book I won't have an inker. The artwork is going straight from my pencils. So these character sketches were a way to see if my pencils could be tight enough with colors over them for the final art. I'm really happy with how these guys are looking on the pages of the book. 

Moebius - 109

Along with the Basil sketches Mark Roberts colored this up for us as a try out for the book! and INSTOCK TRADES have been fantastic sponsors for my blog so far. As I'm promoting a book here that isn't quite out yet, I wanted to still be sure to spotlight the fine folks there. Instock trades is one of the very few places that still has my Convention Sketchbooks that I printed a couple years ago. I have been sold out for quite awhile. Also they currently have a small stock left of the Art Book I put together last year. A collection of these 3 books is a great commentary on the work I've done for GI JOE over the last 4 years. Much like this blog, it's full of sketches that chronicle my process and exhibit convention sketches, commissions, and covers. Properties include GI Joe, Snake Eyes, Amazing Spider-man, Fantastic Four, and many others that I've worked on during that time.

For a great price, check out the limited edition Robert Atkins Art books that are available at 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Shadow Gambit- Basil

One of the main reasons I started this blog was because I knew I wasn't going to be on a monthly title. I was starting work on a  Graphic Novel (or a comic book that is one large complete story), and that would mean I wouldn't be able to show my work on such a regular basis. The blog is a way to keep people aware of what I'm working on along with all the other fun reasons for doing it.

The OGN (original graphic novel) that I'm working on is called "Shadow Gambit" which is one story in the Basil and Moebius Chronicles.  The concept and screenplays were created by Ryan Schiffrin, and the book is being scripted by Larry Hama (GI Joe).  The story revolves around two lead characters that are part spy, thieves and archeologists of sorts. Your James Bond meets Indian Jones so to speak. There have been other books and stories created with these two, namely "The Devil's Handshake" and the short film "No Rest for the Wicked" Starring Ray Park, Zachary Levi and Malcom McDowell! You can find previews and the trailer for the film here:

The Short film is premiering at a film festival tonight in Hollywood, CA at the Chinese theater! Very cool stuff. My favorite part of the film is the monkey wielding the straight blade knife!

Anyway, this book is going to keep me busy for awhile, but I wanted to share the sketches that went into the characters designs. First up today is Basil Fox. Works as a Queen's Guard in London, trained in many fighting styles, and can certainly hold his own in a scrap.

Shadow Gambit: Basil Fox - 108

Next up Moebius!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Robo-tech pens!

Man, for as much as I love drawing big robots, inking them takes me forever. heh. This was a sketch from my ill-fated Robot Week earlier in the challenge.

The fellow that bought this sketch at the time requested that I ink it up for him as well. So here ya go. I wish I had some kind of crazy cool #100 idea for the sketch.....but I dont.

So here ya go!

Robotech Inked - 107

Also, for many of these sketches they are nice and open like this one. Anyone please feel free to use these for coloring pages. I try to size them well enough that you can save the image to your computer and print it out. I don't know too many 5 year old kids that can't wait to color up a Robotech picture...but you get what I mean.

For any Coloriss out there that needs line art to practice on or would simply like to color up one of my daily sketches, simply email me and I will be happy to email  you back the high res line art!
Thanks Everybody!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ace and Flint WIP it up!

I have no idea what that title means. Just that a WIP stands for "Work in Progress"....and I've had 3 hours of sleep. Since Tues. morning. Don't judge me.

I'm having so much fun taking my time on this and just noodling up that background. I can see in my head how I want the water to look at their feet. I think I will do that next and leave the figures for last since they are the most fun to draw. But for the water I want this real black, almost glossy oil feel. There is just something inherrently creepy about black water. Drawing the Skystriker details was fun, I've never drawn one close up yet. And I still haven't had the chance to do a full on glorified shot of one flying yet. I might get to it some day, a boy can dream.

Ace and Flint WIP 2 -106

* This just in, my 5 year old son decided he wanted to be a Green Lantern for Halloween. But as a proper Comic Book Artist's son, he chose to be Guy Gardner instead of some cruddy Movie GL costumed Hal Jordan.... Im so proud. We've already worked out the jacket, I bought a GL patch and a vintage 3" wide White belt online. Now I just have to spray paint his Rain boots Green and we're set!

Im bound and determined to never buy a premade costume for our kids. I grew up with an awesome father who worked out homemade costumes for all of us kids each year. Stuff I'll never forget,
you Rocked it Dad!  So I want to pass on that tradition to my family. I've gotten sewing help from my wife's mother, I don't pretend to have a clue there, but here are his past couple years costumes as Robin and the Human Torch
This is a crummy photo, I know we have waaay better pictures, I just cant find them at the moment.
As soon as I do I will post them instead.

We had silk strips sewn onto his shirt and pants. When he stood still they just hung there, but as soon as he jumped or moved it looked like he was on fire. I had him jump off the back steps to get the flying shot....dont worry, I put couch cussions on the floor for him to land on.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Homage...with a spin

Here is the second Crisis Homage out of the 3 I did. My previous post about the homage and the process can be found here:

If you haven't read that post yet, please check it out before reading through this one. It explains why I was doing these in the first place.  So I wanted to change this from being such a direct homage as the GI JOE cover for 3 main reasons.

1. SnakeEyes would be concerned if Helix died, but he wouldn't be showing the kind of agony that is portrayed in the other covers. Not that this directly reflects the interior events of the story, but still I think it would be a weird image to draw considering they aren't "That" close.

2. Snake Eyes has a mask on, and I wouldnt have been able to get the full effect of showing the expression anyway.

3. The GI Joe Cover was such a direct homage, I didn't feel it was so necessary to recreate it all over again. Plus SE wouldn't be surrounded by all the other Joes since he is on separate missions. I liked the idea that instead of a mourning cover, that SE Iceberg, and Alpine are about to be attacked. SE has to lay Helix down (in that classic homaged pose) and is turning to make their last stand.

So here are some process images and a final colors by Mark Roberts!

Snake Eyes Homage cover Process - 105

Something about the tilt of SE's head I liked better in the pencils.

Inking the rock in front was cool, and I flipped Helix's body pose to change it up.

I added  a few more troopers before sending it on to Mark to color. You can see them up on the ledge.

This cover just recently sold. For those interested in my cover art. I currently only have 1 cover left. It is the cover to Snake Eyes #8. If you're interested, email me at:

Update: SE cover to #8 is SOLD. I will be doing SE covers for 9-12 in the next few months. I will notify when those become available. They go quick, so if you are interested in a future SE cover let me know now and I can put you on an email list. Thanks!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Here we are, I'm finishing up this theme with the main man himself! I had a Birds of Prey commission that I am working on, and those characters are certainly batman related, but it's a huge commission and will take a few days worth of posts to complete it. So I thought it best to wrap up the theme with the best Batman I could draw in a couple of hours.

If I was going to work at DC and had a pick at what I could do, I would certainly draw a book in the Bat family of the universe. I have always been more interested in those characters that weren't overly super-powered, but went out there and fought crime anyway.  I like the stories that address the sidekicks or auxiliary  characters having those close calls (i.e. the recent Stephanie Brown Batgirl). It shows how well trained and perfected Batman has become in this craft. I also like going back and reading Batman year one, and seeing him make those same mistakes. Fantastic story by the way. I think my two favorite Batman books have been Year One and Hush. Long Halloween and Dark Victory coming in close as well. It's a little ridiculous how many times I've bought Hush. Separate issues, 2 Hard cover trades, 2 soft cover (lending out the HC books and never got them back), The combined soft cover of the full 12 issues (lent out the two smaller soft covers....and guess what happened) and finally I recently got the hard cover, black and white version that just shows the pencils throughout the book.

When it comes to these kind of buying habits, I'm pretty sure Im DC Comics and Instock Trades' ideal customer. It's good though. You could read Batman Hush and get a solid feel for who that character is in the modern age, and the world he lives in. Including all the characters that support him and his villains as well.

Speaking of Villains, I barely scratched the surface of one of the best rogues galleries in comics. I wasnt able to fit in some of Batman's greatest enemies. Post in the comments who your favorite Batman villain, (besides the Joker), and the character with the most votes I will squeeze in this month as well!

Batman Week: Batman - 104

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9x12 Ink on Bristol Board.
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Friday, October 14, 2011

Tell me if you've heard this one...

Batman and Robin walk into a bar...Batman ducked.

Batman Week: the Joker -103

9x12 Ink on Bristol Board.
To Purchase, email subject "Joker" to

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Robin 1, 2, 3 or 4...Who is your Robin?

I had to decide which Robin to go with. As with many DC characters, the role of Robin is what's called a "legacy" character. A position, or mantle that is passed on for another to assume. I really love this concept that DC comics has embraced. Characters like Robin, Batgirl, the Flash all have older and younger generation counterparts.

For Robin, I didn't even start reading much DC with any regularity until about 6 or 7 years ago. I occasionally picked up a good Batman or Superman arc. I was certainly around when Superman died, and jumped on that poly-bagged wagon. I'm pretty sure I even borrowed money from my brother to buy those die-cut cover issues of the 4 Supermen....I seriously doubt I ever paid him back for those....hopefully he doesn't read this.

But I digress, in the last 10 years if you started reading Batman, certainly Tim Drake (Robin #3) is your Robin. He has even gone through a few costume changes, and I prefer this one the most.  For this sketch, Riddler is too lame to get his own day for Batman week, so he gets to piggy back on Robin's background.

Batman Week: Robin -102

Original Art 
9x12 Ink and Marker on Bristol Board.
To Purchase, email subject "Robin" to

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh Selina...

Continuing on with Batman week, I was anxious to draw Catwoman. As a sketch challenge, drawing this kind of suit was something new. I haven't drawn this kind of reflective leather much, maybe on the Baroness occasionally. There are still a lot of subtleties to work out, but I had fun working it out.

I couldn't help but throw in a little background, and I think thats going to be the theme on these Batman sketches.

Batman Week: Catwoman - 101

9x12 Ink and Marker on Bristol Board.
To Purchase, email subject "Catwoman" to

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Better Late then never...

Man thats the story of my commission list AND today's blog post. Good grief. Not much to say here. I wanted to go to town on todays contribution to Batman week. Also it was a previous commission that I was able to knock out in the process. Since it's a full 11x17, it took longer than my typical sketch of the day.

This is the Stephanie Brown Batgirl, who I had heard great things about her storyline. Only recently was I able to read through them and I can see what all the fuss was about. Great story, and a very refreshing take on an old legacy character. I really dig the new updates to the classic Batgirl costume, very fun to do.

Batman Week - Batgirl - 100

Definitely check out this version of Batgirl in these books from INSTOCK TRADES!

by Bryan Q. Miller

Monday, October 10, 2011

Red Vs. Blue part 2

Batman week kick-off!

I've been excited to do Batman week, because it's been a long time since I've had the chance to draw many of these characters. Some of them I've never been able to before. Honestly I was always hesitant to draw Batman because he was so dark. I wasn't confident in my shadow work and taking my figures beyond just dramatic lighting to graphic blacks. Where the blacks on the page not only signify the light sources, but are major components of the composition. Using the large black areas to move the eye through the illustration or to create points of focus for the viewer. It's a complex concept that I was intimidated by. Im not saying I have that down by any means, but it's something I know I can improve on. Certainly Batman Week is as good a place as any to start.

First off, we've seen this sketch a few times now, but again I wanted to show process. Nightwing's costume has been revised recently to this red version. I was such a fan of the previous Blue version, that I did just a very quick overlay to see the difference.  So pipe in and let me know which you prefer!

Nightwing Red vs. Blue - 099

Final Marker Colors

Added Blue in Photoshop for the comparison
Initial sketch
Made some adjustments and added background for the ink stage.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ace and Flint WIP continues

So another work in progress (WIP) shot. Just starting the inks and working my way down.  Not much else to say. I will continue to post progress for this commission as I get it done.

Ace and Flint Inks WIP - 098

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Gearing up for Batman week!

Hey all, so this is kind of a place holder sketch. Back in Aug. I did a quick Nightwing sketch:

I had someone purchase that sketch who paid a little extra for me to ink and color the red emblem on his shoulders. I went ahead and started inking, and got a little carried away with the backgrounds. My Batman week officially starts Mon. then I'll show the colored version. 

Im still working away at that Ace and Flint, but like I mentioned previously, there is a reason I dont take these huge commissions anymore. It's going to take a few days while I still have a regular 10-12 hr a day workload to keep up with. 

Nightwing...Again! - 097

Friday, October 7, 2011

Ace in the hole...

Quick post today, this is a continuation of the previous post for the Ace and Flint commission. These are why the larger commissions take so long. I do a lot of planning, composing and add the detail as if it was a cover piece. Since I'm inking this myself, I wont be penciling this much tighter. Maybe a little bit here and there to get a few specifics worked out. Obviously the Skystriker is a bit wonky, and I will spend sometime getting that accurate. Otherwise this is what I go from straight to inks.

Ace and Flint Commission Pencils - 096

11x17 4h Pencil on 3ply Bristol Board

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Snake Eyes' Journal...

This was kind of a fun quick sketch. I did a similar sketch on the cover of my sister's journal of the Marvel character "The Thing". You can see it here:

My sister had an extra little journal and I had it just laying around my studio for awhile. I didn't think I would use it and thought I could draw something on this one as well.  So for today's sketch, we have a one of a kind journal with SE on the front and the Arashikage symbol hand drawn on the inside as well.

Snake Eyes' Journal - 095

To give you a sense of the size, the journal is about the height of a standard pen. There is an elastic strap as well to keep the journal closed. The journal  has a leather cover and has a lined paper interior with roughly 100 pages.

5.5"x 3.5" Ink on leather cover
To purchase, email subject "SnakeEyes Journal" to

Special Update: More X-Men Colors!

Got a new batch of a few X-Men Month sketches colored up by Simon Gough. You can check out his gallery here:

More coming SOON! 
The previous post of X-Men colors can be found here!